Friday, November 18, 2005

Almost a year

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She felt so big in my belly, and yet was so tiny when she was born. I barely had time to think about and get to know her because life during my pregnancy as so all-consuming. When she was born, that showed. Who was she? Perhaps it was best because she came into the world and got to be herself.

And in one year, one short year, well, one month short of a year, she has turned into a walking, talking, playing, laughing, crying, snorting, eating, honest-to-goodness person with opinions (that she voices strongly) and experiences.

With each step---both literal and figurative---she moves one step away and simultaneously one step closer to me, our relationship. I learn more of her, of who she is, and so does she. We're on a great journey together. But with the walking, she can walk away too. And she will.

And she'll want to.

Want to know something? I want her to.

I treasure each stage. I treasure this clingy baby time (usually). But I'm awfully glad with each new stage of independence.

I'm glad to share my body, but also glad to reclaim it.

She's walking. Really walking now.

You go, girl.

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