Friday, May 27, 2005


We had planned to go take some shots of a gorgeous orange flower, tropical variety, today. Unfortunately every time we had time, it got dark and dreary. Such is life in the tropics---always the imminent threat of afternoon rain. And the full heat of the season is here to stay, which means my motivation for being outside certain times of the day is very low. We even had some concrete plans for the exact photos. So I didn't make any art today, but I was creative in other ways. I might try for an evening shot.

I'll add in a different angle of my red flower watercolor. This one I didn't put up on cafepress. I didn't think it was mainstream enough. Okay, nevermind, my husband didn't think it was. I put up this one instead. I like it very much as well, and put it on a wider variety of products than I have before.

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