Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's like an involuntary divorce that just won't take

The state I left in a pregnancy induced psychotic hysteria---what can I say, first time around all I did was buy a Subaru Forester, and anyway what's my husband's excuse?---just won't let us go.

Regularly they send us notices that we can once again regain our status as citizens of the state. For a small fee.

We call, email and send written letters notifying them that we left. They update our address to our new state, but don't accept it.

That makes it tough because we don't accept it either.

Neither my husband nor I are quite sure how and why we are here and not there any longer.

It's particularly hard when the hard heat of summer arrives here about April and doesn't leave until November. It's particularly hard when everything is still green and flowers are still blooming and it's Christmas. Oh well, we have our red t-shirts and shorts now, instead of cords and sweaters.

And it's really hard when it's practically September and I've been homebound with two small kids for months, and I know it may be months yet.

So today's mail hurt.

It's time for us to renew the driver's licenses we no longer have in the state where we no longer live but wish we did.

It's like we broke up but just can't move on.

We still want the weather and culture and the state still wants our money. How could this not have worked out? It is like a match made in heaven.

Well maybe when we grow old and die easily of natural causes we'll find ourselves back there.

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