Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In the tropics

I'm learning a lot about living in the tropics.

In the tropics you don't turn off the air conditioner in your car (a must by the way) or the lines will mildew and mold. You leave it on, despite that story about the battery, so it can drain.

In the tropics there are random cloud bursts.

In the tropics, you can't sweat because when you step outside the humidity settles on you, taking up all your skin surface area. Some days I think if I hold too still I'll mildew.

In the tropics, you spread vinegar on your window sills and doorways to turn away those many nasties that live here, such as ants, stink bugs, roaches and other creepy crawlies.

In the tropics, if your windows aren't properly insulated you live inside a glass shower, with the outside blurred by condensation.

In the tropics, something blooms year-round. And there are incredible animals like chameleons.

In the tropics, you combine all of these and get this through the kitchen window:

By Julie Pippert
Museum Quality Digital Art and Photography
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The Golden Orchid

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