Thursday, June 30, 2005

Okay so not this time

A gallery won't show my stuff because she says floral art doesn't sell. Ironically, someone from my art group posted that same day an article from Decor magazine that says flowers are, always have been and most likely always will be, top sellers. It doesn't matter...I don't choose my subject matter like that. Also, I think that this lady really was honest when she said she didn't really have an opening just then. I could see the truth of that. Plus, as diplomatically as possible we agreed that our styles weren't a fit. She did give me some nice information so it was well worth the time.

I'm sorta kinda thinking about entering a juried exhibition..well submitting to compete in one anyway. Also, maybe some festivals.

Towards that end...I created two framed, large giclee prints (At Ease and Steel Magnolia). It's somewhat of a random choice...but also two I really like. I'll be opening them up to auction hopefully this weekend.

Here they are:

Ironically, after telling me florals don't sell, the gallery owner suggested I enter my orchids for the competition.

It's so two people look at my portfolio and love the same thing. Everyone loves their own thing. I like that.

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