Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pretty pitchers

I am trying to gear up for a presentation to get my art hung on walls. Public walls. Not just my own (currently) private art gallery.

Ideally the place would buy them from me. Otherwise, I can hang there on commission. Or just to be seen. This plan, of course, hinges on their agreement. I've pulled four frames and now need to choose the best images that will hang well together.

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Something about the peach one above haunts me.

Although they definitely have their merits and I like them, I worry that these watercolors are too common...too mainstream. I don't know why I say that as if it was a bad thing.

Maybe because I'm also thinking of entering a competition.

My daughter's art teacher---either in truth or that good teacher knows how to make mom come back for more---enthused to me this week about my daughter's talent and creativity. I don't hear her say this to every mom every time but then again my hands, ears and eyes are usually pretty full. Apparently my daughter's sculpture and story behind it was quite enthralling to the teacher. She was also impressed by my daughter's fine motor skills. This teacher has apparently been teaching art long enough for me to have been taught by her so she does have a context. Since I am sharing this here, with you, you already know that the cockles of my proud little mommy heart are very warmed.

The baby made hand and foot prints, for me to remember that she was ever this little. I already look at her newborn photos and can't recall what it felt like to hold a baby that tiny, and still. She is so wriggly now. All the time.

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