Thursday, March 16, 2006

Egging on Kevin Covais is just so....very

When I watch Kevin Covais on American Idol I think, "Isn't he cute, good for him," right along with, "Would you people quit voting for him already?"

(Bear with me, we'll get back to the, "You watch American Idol?" in a moment. Actually, we'll save the whole "How I am addicted to reality TV" for another discussion if you don't mind.)

Kevin Covais. How in the world did he get to this point? I honestly don't see whatever it is that others see, and so that makes me suspicious. Not of myself but of their motives.

Perhaps he simply keeps exceeding Paula and Randy's expectations. Who would expect this gawky little kid to get out there and actually, with some degree of confidence, sing? And usually in tune and on time.

But honestly? I think they've *created* the fascination.

I think KEVIN COVAIS: SEX SYMBOL and AMERICAN IDOL is a paper doll.

When I watch him perform, he sings "eh okay" and he dances "oh please stop" and he looks...well, he doesn't look like a star, and I'm talking appearance not surface looks.

Consider his performance in your mind side-by-side with Chris Daughtry's performance. Hmm, should they even be in the same competition?

I don't think so.

Why do I care.

Because, the effusive gushing is overdone to the point to feed my suspicion that this is, frankly, a prank. And it makes me feel sick inside, to see them encouraging him for their own amusement.

It reeks of Heathers. Or Veronica (because maybe there is a heart or conscience in there somewhere).

See, I think that it's like high school. The popular kids think, "Ha ha wouldn't it be funny to convince Larry that he should sing in the high school musical." They set out to hatch this ill-conceived plan. As kids will.

So Larry gets up on stage to audition and does eh, okay. But the kids, in tight with the drama teacher, convince her that, really, he is much better than this and give him a part.

More bolstering, all done with the expectations that come the Big Day, Larry will Goof Up and give everyone a big laugh. <--- That's the rationalization, by the way, for the act, "Awww, we were just joking, it was only for a laugh, we didn't mean anything wrong by it." And that sickens me too.

Playing with someone's ego is appalling and vicious.

Back to Larry. Big Day. He doesn't goof up.

Instead of being upset at the loss of the laugh, the kids are a little impressed with their creation. He becomes like a pet. In the cafeteria, kids holler, "Sing, Larry sing!" And he does, gets a little known for it.

I suppose one could ask, if Larry never finds out, what is the harm?

That is a loaded question.

Underneath it all is the teasing. The gushing is a little overdone, and I don't believe Larry is that stupid. He gets the attention like a little puppy dog in a circus, "Dance doggie dance." But he's not really a part of things. The girls don't really date him, and the boys don't really invite him to parties. It is harmful, hurtful.

At the end of the day, he's a pet, a prank, a joke.

Not cool in my book.

Paula and Randy never really have anything to say about his performance other than a laugh, Paula with her "oh squish squish" (get a dog already Paula), and Randy with his, "Dude, you did better than I expected."

Not nice. They don't give him real feedback because face it, he's not a real competitor. He's Paula and Randy's pet, and that is mean. Bottom line, not skipping about the issue mean.

Egging him on is just so...very.

Paula, Randy, quit feeding your own ego. It doesn't, for the record, make you look nice.

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Chris Daughtry. :DROOL

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