Friday, March 31, 2006

I could be a US Citizen! If I wasn't one already that is...

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 9 out of 10 correct!

Could you pass it?

Okay forget the questions on the written portion of the exam...could you afford to buy citizenship in the US?

Do you understand why people are illegal here?

What do you believe about it?

Are you a bumper sticker toting member of

Or are you more

Anderson, Stuart - (Director of Trade and Immigration Studies, Cato Institute)

"Throughout our history, immigrants have come to America, established themselves and been joined by other members of their families. That process has brought us energetic individuals and strong families who have enriched our economy and way of life."
(The Los Angeles Times, February 1996)

Do you disagree? Please, explain yourself. Really. Use facts, please.

Everyone I know has spent years and thousands (or tens of thousands, depending on family size) of dollars. And those are just the Canadians, lured here by companies who demand their skills.

Let's start with this...US citizenship requires health tests, and health care. So if you don't have insurance, can't afford it, don't qualify for Medicaid (b/c of lack of citizenship)...then what?

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Kate said...

Well, dayum. I'm tryiing to figure out which two I missed (probably the same ones you did, because it seemed pretty straightforward to me)...