Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good luck, Gardenia

The gardenias---lovely, secret love, joy, sweet love, good luck---grow next to the oleanders---caution---in my garden. They aren't overshadowed by the periwinkles---friendship---which grow in colorful profusion around the door we most often come in and out. The pansies are right next to them, an unintended reflection that we often think of friendship, first.

I would like to add in some peonies, but I'm not sure how to juxtapose bashfulness, shame, happy life, happy marriage, good health, and prosperity. Would they work best in front of gardenias? "Good luck, happy life, and much joy in marriage, good health and prosperity to you."

We hide the hibiscus in the back. The plumeria covers the ground next to it, and past that, more oleanders, pink and white.

The color is a random contrast of bright red, soft yet bright blue and pink and white.

They do more than look pretty; they speak beautifully too. The sentence the flowers write is, "Delicate beauty, I miss you, with caution and reserve."

Directly across the garden, my lavender heather---admiration, solitude, beauty---fans above and around the fern (sincerity, magic, fascination, confidence, shelter).

I suppose I ought to plant poppies, a real money tree (no pun intended). Instead, I plan for hydrangeas, secretly stocking coffee grounds to force my preferred color, which will either bring me understanding, or heartlessness.

I want a sea of iris...a charm bracelet of faith, hope, wisdom, compliments, passion and purity. And honeysuckle---love trap---protectively blanketing the back fence so love stays within.

And an ocean of roses. Burgundy for beauty; lavender for enchantment; my favorite peach for gratitude, apprecation, admiration, sympathy; pink and yellow for happiness; and white for the spirit.

My husband wants to once again plant clematis, the clever and intelleuctual vining flower. And I suppose we should, quickly.

For fun, a lemon tree. And maybe a cactus. By the kitchen window, plant rosemary and sage, although as my girls grow older, perhaps it is best to put that in pots in their rooms for some purity and virtue. ;)

No matter what, there is always the dandelion...faithful, happy, love's oracle.

To you, perhaps, just a yard, maybe a little hectic, overgrown. To me, an amulet, a poem, art, a secret...I surround myself with my flowers and garden. Visually appealing, emotionally and intellectually bolstering.

By Julie Pippert
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Om.powered said...


Clematis is my very favorite of all flowers. At it's peak, it looks fresh and vibrant enough to eat - a worthy rival to any fruit on the planet.

And a lemon tree. That's our next gig. Right after we plant our two almond trees up on the back hill. I cannot wait!


Julie Pippert said...

We always had white clematis.

An almond tree...oh baby, you're speaking my language! How hearty are those?

Lemon does great here!