Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Little sacrifices...and bigger ones...every day...

I heard a statement the other day, and it was one of those "WOW light bulb oooh resonates" moments.

The statement was, "There was no good choice in the moment. There were too many factors, too many things you couldn't know or control. You had to make a choice. And you did. But there was no good choice; every choice involved a sacrifice."

Nobody needs to tell me that life requires a tremendous amount of balance and compromise. I'm not talking about balance and compromise.

I'm talking about sacrifice.

Not Sophie's Choice level.

But intense at times, less so at others, but all around, more a feeling of sacrifice than compromise. A feeling that there is no schedule juggling "this at 1:00, that at 2:00, everyone gets a turn and it all works out with a little balance and compromise." A feeling that it all must be in this moment, now, and you can't do it all so you have to choose, sacrifice.

Do you know what I mean...at all?

The first person I bounced it off of was nodding before I even finished my thought.

I'm just curious how many people it resonates with.

I can feel that this isn't a fully formed thought, so not perfectly clear. I haven't yet completely wrapped my mind around it. All I know is I suspect it is a stress-trauma mindset, and a terrible trap/state. And there must be a workaround.

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