Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holy Basil: The Update

I started the Holy Basil almost a month ago; I first mentioned it in my Old Gray Mare post.

I am currently using the SC Holy Basil by New Chapter. They offer two types:

1. SC Holy Basil™

Uplift, Calm, and Balance
Available in 60 and 120 hexane-free softgel capsules

* Supports normal cortisol, blood sugar, and insulin
metabolism already in normal ranges*
* Elevates spirit*
* Protects healthy cells from radiation damage*


2. Holy Basil

Ocimum Sanctum
Available in 90 Vcap® (400 mg) size

* Reduces stress and cortisol*
* Promotes a healthy inflammation response*
* Increases physical and emotional endurance*

(I actually love the New Chapter products. The Host Defense and Every Woman's One Daily is good stuff, man.)

I didn't make an informed choice between the two. I got the one my health food store has, which was the SC version. I believe I still get points 2 and 3 that the regular Holy Basil has with the SC version.

So here I am taking Holy Basil, waiting for the enlightenment and positive benefits.

I was patient.

And I waited.

I told myself, give it time. Wait and see.

I'm not good at patience. I want immediate gratification.

But I went deep and found a small reserve, so I waited.

Last week I allowed myself back on the scale. SEVEN POUNDS!

After two years of nothing, I lost seven pounds! I know, I know, drop in the bucket. But it's a loss and it has motivated me. Only one pound this week, so far, but I've been a teensy naughty. It was all the parties last weekend and the getting Boo'd and so forth. But going down one pound instead of gaining is GREAT!

I am still doing the same diet (weight watchers) and same exercise (any kind I can any time I can) and have changed nothing else. I have merely added in the Holy Basil.

And here is what I have observed in the last month:

* Increased energy and improved mood. I feel "back to myself." I'm back to caring about my usual things and being more me. And my house is in better order.

* Improved focus.

* Weight loss.

* Feel more able, better cognitive reframing.

* No colon flares. I've cut the GI meds way back. One Pepcid a day, sometimes, rather than two every day. I only take one digestive enzyme a day, have also stopped the IBS medication. (The Pepcid is to control allergy inflammation as well as to help with GI response.)

I think this is more or less what the cool Zen words mean, just in more Western scientific terms.

Okay. Sign me up. I'm a believer.

That Sherri-Stringfield-look-alike is not nutters. I think cortisol REALLY affects weight loss.

Just getting me up to this better place has helped me get a better ball rolling and keep it rolling.

Holy Basil. Holy Cow.

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