Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ain't too proud...forfeiting medals

I'm not too proud to do a lot of things.

I'll shop in resale shops for me and the kids.

I'll go out in public with no makeup or hairdo.

I'll act goofy to make a kid smile.

I'll pull weeds if it will help someone out.

I'll speak up if I have something to say.

And I'm not too proud to stand corrected, or amend an opinion.

That's what I'm doing today.

As a result of me blogging about my Chapped Hide Olympics (the worst customer service of 2006), I got two good resolutions.

First, Tracy Prescott, a director at Home Depot, posted a comment at that entry desiring to resolve whatever issues I had with my rebate at Home Depot. She and I exchanged a few emails and I had the rebate check in my hand yesterday and it is in the bank today. What is that, barely two weeks later? How rockin' is that!

Second, I have a personal contact in the AT&T executive offices now who is working to show me that AT&T does give a shit whether I am a customer (or not). Krystal has followed through on absolutely everything she has said to me, and has done her level best to ensure that I am a satisfied AT&T customer.

Many thanks to these ladies and can I have a WOO HOO for the power of the written word?

The pen is a mighty tool.

Krystal, Tracy, I regret to inform you that you must forfeit your Gold and Bronze awards (respectively) from the Chapped Hide Olympics. You can move over to the Businesses who Work to Treat Customers Nicely side.

You'll be in GREAT company over there with Bed, Bath and Beyond (the Beyond stands for Go Above and Beyond to Make Customers Feel Like Royalty) and Barnes and Noble (the Noble stands for A Full Stable of Noble Employees who Treat Customers Nobly).

These two stores not only regularly offer actual sales and good discounts and coupons, their employees are always knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and seriously will offer assistance (happily and nicely) in ways you barely dare dream of at other stores.

Thanks to these stores (which carry all the things in the world I love most: kitchen gadgetry and organizing accessories and decor at B3, and BOOKS! Books! Books! at B&N) I was able to complete my Christmas shopping in a day with awesome presents and seriously way under budget.

But I'll shop there any time of year.

(On the flip side, Bank of America still sucks rocks. In fact, my resolution to THAT matter is to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. I transferred all the money this week. I'll shut down the account this week. They ripped me off, and have been utter asses about the entire situation. So as far as the Chapped Hide Olympics, they now get the Gold. Don't worry about the other medals. I have had a number of people contact me with information about new contenders.)

By Julie Pippert
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Gwen said...

I'm glad you got some closure on those issues. I was shocked today when a city bus driver was pleasant and friendly to his riders, even wishing us a happy holiday. And then I thought, "Are my standards really so low that common courtesy surprises me?" Later this evening, however, someone tried to run my daughter and I over as we crossed the street, with the light, so then I knew all was right with the world again. :)

IzzyMom said...

AT&T actually did something positive in the name of customer service? Those jackasses almost sent me into premature labor! But I'm glad it's working out for you. Verizon is on the top of my "Naughty" list this year!

Magpie said...

I love you.

I love complaining. I love getting results. I'm going to start posting more complaining.

You rock.