Thursday, November 08, 2007

Song for Insomniacs (and people thinking about friendship)

Because of some information I got today about somebody else entirely, I felt compelled to check all available Google sources to ensure that there are no songs out there about Julies other than those by Bobby Sherman and Leo Kottke.

It appears, happily, that I am homefree and even more happily, I discovered Julie Doiron.

Snow Falls in November

Me and My Friend

You Canadians. You know you rock. Out loud.

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Jeff said...

Oh thanks. Now I've got "Julie Julie Julie do you love me?" stuck in my head.


Family Adventure said...

I'm glad there are no other songs about Julies and that you were able to get some sleep after that :)

Great songs. My first time hearing.


flutter said...

especially music.

Gunfighter said...

"Julie, Julie, Julie, do you love me?

Julie, Julie, Julie, do you care?

Julie, Julie, are you thinkin' of me?

Julie, Julie, will you still be there?"

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

I hope we can still be friends.


Julie Pippert said...

Jeff, well if it wasn't stuck in my head before (that song----which I paid a hypnotist lots of money to block forever---KIDDING!) it is now after Gunfighter!

Well what? You want an apology? At least I only mentioned the dude's name, not even the song title or lyrics LOL!

Or wait, maybe you want an answer? Of course I love you! You are listed in my Reader after all! What better declaration could there be? And please do not let the fact that there are 115 other people in that Reader who I also love detract from the meaning.

Heidi, I hope you liked the new tunes!

Flutter, no doubt!

Gunfighter, after that little serenade? HUMPH! Okay who am I kidding. You stay in the Reader. :)

Jeff said...

Yay! She DOES love me!!!

Julie said...

There's also "Hey Julie," by Fountains of Wayne.


I was ridiculously happy when I discovered this song.


thordora said...

Julie Doiron was also in an amazing band called Eric's Trip, who were from where I'm living now. I loved them, esp her voice in early high school, and in a weird coincidence, I now live about a block away from the contact address listed on the album.

I should go figure out what house it is now that I'm thinking about it.

My point is, YES! She RULES!