Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MOMocrats EXCLUSIVE with Barack Obama


Glennia Campbell, Managing Editor

Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama answers MOMocrats "The Questions We Wish the Debates had asked"

MOMocrats step up where mainstream media and traditional debates let the American public down, "Things we wish they'd asked in the debates..."

Palo Alto, CA -- April 30, 2008 -- Recently, MOMocrats asked the Democratic Presidential candidates the questions we all wish reporters or moderators had asked in any interview or debate. Today, Senator Barack Obama sent back his answers to the MOMocrats' questions. This is the latest example of the influence political blogging groups are showing in the presidential campaign.

The most recent debate between the Democratic candidates was disappointing to most citizens. We felt that the questions were directed more towards mud slinging between the candidate rather than substantive questions about domestic and foreign policy. So the MOMocrats and their readers came up with a list of "Questions We Wish ABC Had Asked." Then we submitted them to the candidates.

In a MOMocrats exclusive, Barack Obama answers the questions that should have been asked during the last debate. Click here to read our interview, in which he finally gets to discuss the issues, not his apparel or acquaintances.

"We were really frustrated with the questions that were asked in the last debate so we came up with a list of questions from our contributors and readers," said MOMocrats Managing Editor Glennia Campbell. "We appreciated that the Obama campaign took our questions seriously and answered them thoroughly."

We haven't heard from the Clinton campaign yet, but the MOMocrats invitation for Senator Clinton to weigh in remains open.

The MOMocrats are savvy, politically active moms dedicated to putting a Democrat in the White House. You can read more about them at MOMocrats.


SciFi Dad said...

Julie: I can't find the interview on the site (the link is to the main site, not a specific post).

Robert said...

I found the interview, but no responses... I'm sure it would be interesting to read the answers. Personally, I don't think it's irrelevant that Obama's close friends include a former terrorist and a hate-monger. I think it's extremely relevant. But then, that's me. At this point, Obama terrifies me, but Hillary's not an improvement. McCain's the lesser of three evils, but only by a few issues. I'm with Melissa Z, who suggested starting our own party (in a comment on my blog).

painted maypole said...

go momocrats!