Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Green Hump Day Hmm 4-16-08: Talking about the environment

Thanks for participating in the "green talk" Hump Day Hmm. There's no limit to links here---old or new---and you can put in as many links to environmental-related posts as you like!

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Melissa said...

Oooooh! I'm first!

I even beat Robert. :) I have a guest poster today. :)

Robert said...

Have I earned a reputation? That's okay. I can be second this time.

I might add a link for my post yesterday which was a satire on alternative fuels.

Mad said...

I popped in an old link.

Oh and I would like to add that Miss M's day care class is going to start saving its scraps all b/c I volunteered to schlep 'em home to my compost heap.

Also, we are trying to do our kitchen reno in as environmentally friendly a fashion as possible. Keeping half our cabinets, buying energy-efficient appliances, replacing a breezy, small window with a high-efficiency bay window that will provide what the books call "daylighting." I prefer the old fashioned words, "sun" and "fresh air."

Robert said...

Oh, our house is very eco-friendly in the way Mad describes. We don't turn on lights in the main living areas until dusk because we have so much natural light. We do turn them on in closets, but I do my best to turn those off any time they're not in use. We have a front-loading washing machine to save water, and all our new appliances are energy savers. We have a lot of the new, long-lasting bulbs that save energy, too. My reasons have more to do with frugality than ecology, though, I must be honest.

Angela said...

I had been planning a Thursday Thirteen about Earth Day for weeks, so I did double duty. Recycle right?

jeanie said...

A day late but that is the way the world turns...

Off to read the others now.

womaninawindow said...

I'm feeling very crumby for not coming up with anything brilliant and you had such smart people contribute. We do live in only a small dome of light which are all energy efficient bulb(s). I do make my kids go back upstairs to turn out lights if they forget and I think they produce a great deal of energy moaning and dragging their feet all the way back up. If we could only harness that...We do lock rather rocking in all of our ensembles that are from the second hand store. Second hand clothing (almost) all the way! Vintage, shabby, chic I'll tell my kids as they grow older.

painted maypole said...

i find it a RIOT that on your blog, blogher is linking to some other blog post titled "Raccoon 1, Humans 0"