Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What are you supposed to write about on Wednesday and the next week?

Earth Day 2008 on April 22!

Are you struggling for topics to write about on your blog?

Or have you got plenty planned and in the works?

Either way, come sit by me and let's talk about hot topics for the next week: Earth Day 2008.

This Wednesday's Hump Day topic asks you to share your views about caring for our planet. What do you believe about ecology---preserving and conserving? How did you come to those views?

As usual, I'll leave the post up for a couple of days. Just write the post, link back to here, and come add your link in to Mr. Linky.

I'm also scouting for great posts for Moms Speak Up. I'm looking for great information, news, updates, green tips and more. There is a lot of environmental and safe product news and information about there, as well as ideas for greener lifestyles, and crucial health care research and knowledge, and more. Every part of our life touches the earth in some way. Let's write about it!

Have you written about the environment, dangerous imports, health care, food safety, media and marketing, education, politics or many other hot topics of concern? Will you? If so, send me your links at j pippert at g mail dot com and I will check it out!

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Family Adventure said...

Thinking, Julie...:)


womaninawindow said...

Julie, I have to admit since I just started blogging I have too many self indulgent, I love my kid blogs to get out before I can settle down and be intelligent. I appreciate this though. My best household tip of all time (wow, that's big) is that YOU DO NOT NEED TO FIND A GREEN WINDOW CLEANER! Absolutely not! I bought two towels made for glass cleaning (the blue coton? ones) from the $ store and I use one to wash windows and one to dry. Absolutely no streaks!!! Mirrors too!

liv said...

i are stoopid, amember?

will be thinking on this to see if i can free a stray smartypants thought.


Anonymous said...

Girl - you know I would, if I could right now.

jen said...

you are a one woman awareness machine. love it. you.

le35 said...

Well, Green Works makes a great all purpose, biodegradable cleaner. It works on carpets, windows, and bathrooms. People have said they use vinegar, but I end up using too much elbow grease to make that worth it. This cleaner seems like a good compromise to me. I like it.