Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's so special about today is...

1. My friend Kyla has taken time to go to Austin and speak before the elected representatives of the great state of Texas about the trouble with our existing health care system, and to implore them to choose conscientiously to ensure that all who need it have health care. She's there today on her own behalf, but also on behalf of others in her shoes. Yesterday a friend and I kvetched about rising food and gas prices, and she, despite working three jobs, admitted she's worried she's going to have to go back on food stamps. None of her jobs provide any benefits or health insurance. She's an individual, but there are a lot of people in a similar position. In fact, if you only count children, there are 1.5 million in similar position, without insurance. One point five million.

Kyla rocks. Thank you, Kyla.

You can read her speech at her site by clicking here, or at MOMocrats by clicking here.

If you go over to MOMocrats, sign up for the fab giveaway!

2. It's the day before Hump Day!

Mamma Loves suggested "The Rules." Call them rules, call them mores, or maybe even call them ethics. In general, we all understand there are certain rules and most of us try to follow them. Something to do with being good. But...are we all playing by the same rules? Do we all have to answer to the same rules? Are the rules applied equitably, and enforced equitably? Are we even all playing the same game? Are you a rule follower? You tell me.

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