Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Woooooooo it's the Halloween Hump Day Hmm!! 10-31-07

I'm going to be late to my own party. Yep, that's right, I will post my own Hump Day Hmm post LATE! (See? It really is a loose deadline folks LOL!)

Here's why:

1. I have to work 3 Halloween events today. I'll probably manage no more than 2 of those, disappointing everyone else. This is on top of my regular obligations for the day, such as my work.

2. My husband is AWOL again. I think he's somewhere near the Louisiana border surveying a site. So I'm solo parenting.

3. The really great pictures and stories will happen later today and tonight.

4. Blogger won't let me upload photos I can't even show you the pumpkins my husband so beautifully carved!

However! In the meantime, there are a lot of cool Halloween stories floating about today...just email me at j pippert at g mail dot com if you want to be included in the list. And be patient. I might be at a carnival or a festival or a party. But I'll get to you.

(And seriously! The list below? I have more than 34 Halloween posts in my Google reader so whassup people! You have a post about Halloween...let's co-op link!)

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

Christine at running on empty wrote 10 reasons why Halloween is the best holiday EVER

Get chills with Lawyer Mama's The Ghost In My House

Can you guess Tere's Halloween costume?

Rocky Cat's Happy Halloween will give you the shivers.

Collecting Raindrops Emily shares Costumed Requital

Kyla's wordless but pictures are worth a thousand words in her Wordless Wednesday: Eyeless Spongebob

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slouching mom said...

Good luck with the crazy day, lady!

Family Adventure said...

Good luck, Julie. And isn't it typical for the husband to be away on just such a day?!

Don't forget to enjoy!

Heidi :)

Cecilieaux said...

As one who was the AWOL husband, don't think the guys don't miss missing these golden moments. I'm sure he'd rather be trick-or-treating than surveying. If not now, in 20 years he will ache for what he missed.


Emily said...

If we use the loosest, palest definition of Hump Day Hmmmm, i think my Costumed Requital Post would qualify.

Here's the I am also speerheading 2 events, today, one of which, I should be baking for right this moment. Enjoy the day! I'll check back tomorrow to get caught up on all the fun.

Kyla said...

My post is a Wordless Wednesday Halloween post...if you want to link it up, I'll edit it back to link to yours. Since it is wordless I am unsure if it qualifies. :)

Good luck today!

Kellan said...

Hey Julie - hope you have a great Halloween - sounds like you have a busy long day. Talk to you soon. Kellan

Lawyer Mama said...

Is it wrong that I'm so happy you're late? I won't have to feel so damn inadequate when I post late now!

Hope the madness today went well!

Anonymous said...

Hope the day wasn't too ghoulish. Looking forward to your pics and posts.