Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Old, new, and over and over again: The Hump Day Hmm for 12-5-07

This past Saturday, I posted about silver and gold, old friends and new, for the blog exchange. I added that post here, as well, because it's relevant to this topic.

But it's really just the tip of the iceberg.

The rest of my ideas aren't fully formed yet and anyway...I have to put nose to grindstone this morning for a while. However, I wanted to get the links up, and hopefully, I'll be able to get back to this and instead of an explanatory paragraph, I'll have a real post.

Bear with me. :) And if you don't mind a little clicking, click here and read the post I did manage to write.

For now, a blast of the old. The Reivers singing "Over and Over" from their 1990 (?) 1991 (?) album, Pop Beloved.

It will make sense...later.

And...other people who got their acts together for the topic today (Making new friends and keeping the old...or, something we need to learn again and again.):

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Cathy said...

I clicked, I read, and...

In recent years, I've found old friends -- or they've found me -- and I've been at a loss ever since.

Confession No. 1:

I am so overwhelmed by what it would take to revive these old friendships that I do ... nothing. So many years have passed, so many things have happened. How do you bring someone into your Now even as you seek to become part of theirs?

That sounds so selfish. I think it's the time factor -- I have so little and it's just easier to sink into comfort of my current friendships. I don't have to update or explain or worry about how something sounds.

Confession No. 2:

Some of my old friendships were formed and cultivated during bad patches. While I treasure the memories of these old friends, I'm more comfortable keeping them just that -- memories.

Confession 3:

Many of us no longer have anything in common. We keep in infrequent contact and stick with "safe" subjects. Even so, the conversations are awkward and I often see them as a chore. That sounds terrible too, doesn't it?

Here's the weird thing -- I have several close friends in my Now, and despite my year away from everyone (when we moved to San Antonio for a year) we remained in constant contact. And I can say now, that no matter what happened, these friendships would survive. Maybe because they formed when I was older? Maybe because there are more years invested? I don't know.

I feel guilty sometimes for not keeping up with old friends. But not guilty enough to do anything about it.

Hows's that for a little Hump Day candor?!

slouching mom said...

I liked your weekend post so much. It's so tough to maintain these ancient friendships, when often we don't even remember who we were back then.

Agnes Liebowitz said...

I'm so distanced from who I used to be that now I question who I think I really was. Or am.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I can say with absolute certainty that I have no idea who the Reivers are.

Off to read your other post.

dharmamama said...

Did I imagine a post yesterday where someone contacted you, but you were very clear that you didn't want to talk to them? Was that part of a dream? Did someone else write that? I was going to link to it for my post today... guess I'm not supposed to!