Friday, June 01, 2007

Busy little beaver breaks to boast of perfect post

I know...your eyes are crossing from the posts I've churned out this week. Mine too. I tell you, the only consolation of having a migraine for a week is that suffering creates great art. ;)

This one is short. It's not my words here that matter.

Last month I read this awesome post. It was something amazing, really. Perfect. I sent it right over to Momma K.

So the award

The Original Perfect Post Awards – April 2007

goes to Andrea at Garden of Nna Mmoy and her post Siding with Thoreau for points such as:

how many people do you know who consider themselves chained into some other form of misery, who live Thoreau's "lives of quiet desperation," who consider it their sign of strength and maturity that they simply endure an intolerable situation?


So what is a requirement for happiness? No one knows--that's the problem--but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the first one is a belief that we don't owe the world our misery. That there is no Noble Suffering. There's Nobility, and there's Suffering; but they are not conjoined twins. I am beginning to think that what we owe the world is our determination to act as if happiness matters--everyone's happiness, not just the well-fed westerners--and learn how to scale our values to those goals.

Check out the rest of the great posts at Lindsay's blog and MommaK's blog.

P.S. Have to steal a little real estate: let's talk about So You Think You Can Dance. I'll add a few comments in the Comments. Come join me. After you visit Andrea, of course.

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Julie Pippert said...

Congrats to Andrea! And now...

The little dancer at the beginning of last night's show...really great, yeah? Like Allison.

What did you think of the rhinrstone cowboy and the football star turned ballet dancer?

I thought the cowboy was just social dancing but might have potential.

I wish I'd seen more of the footbal-dancer guy. I wasn't that impressed. Impressed with potential (very much so) but, well, I'm surprised he made it to Vegas.

I think Shane is very cool and I loved how honest, not patronizing, they all were with the scoliosis guy. Who was really neat to watch! That was some dance!

Hmm night before last is melting off my mind. Long show. Chicago, right? Help me out here.

Aliki2006 said...

Ok--I'm going to have to start watching that show...

thailandchani said...

I have quietly enjoyed Andrea's posts for a very long time.. but the post you mentioned is truly wonderful!



slouching mom said...

good choice, julie.

Christine said...

I have to go over and read that post. But first. . .

I loved that football kid! I can't even imagine not wanting my some to dance. He was a sweetie.

The cowboy guys was kind of weird, but nice.

I loved the clogger. I mean, SO different but good.

Shane is AWESOME! He was a little brutal with the heavy set woman, but they were so right about her being conned. $14000 for an amateur dance workshop?!?! Poor thing.

What about that cat girl?

I can't really remember Chicago. It was only two nights ago, but it is already fading!

Lawyer Mama said...

I missed it. I was working last night & T decided to override the TIVO! DAMN HIM!