Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Post with Open Arms and Stephen Lewis

Check Mad and Jen's spots for more information about Open Arms and Stephen Lewis, plus they have the links to the fantastic posts from May. It's an amazing collection this month.

At the bottom of my ballgame post I introduced the amazing initiative Jen and Mad started to raise money for Open Arms and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Such awesome participation either through promoting the cause or donating to it.

And many thanks to Christine who sent the link to my post about educating ex-convicts in Texas that they do have the right to vote over to the Just Post roundtable. Thank you!

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


jen said...

thank you, sister. it's lovely having you at the table.

Christine said...

Thanks, Julie for writing such an interesting and educating post!

slouching mom said...

It was, in fact, a just post.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

It was perfect...and so freaking educational!

Mad Hatter said...

Thanks, Julie.