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Hump Day Hmm Topic for 9-19-07

The topic for next week's Hmm is this: How I matter ('I' refers, of course, to the writer, not me LOL)

What about you, what about something you do, matters?

Yes, I'm asking for deep digging, and I'm asking for personal.

I'm not necessarily asking for big, though. You don't need to scan your mind for the most monumental and newsworthy item; this doesn't have to be huge, such as the time you delivered a baby in the backseat of a taxi cab with an eyelash curler (although that's a fine topic). This can be about anything, maybe even how you hop to the side to avoid stepping on ants. It doesn't have to be a recurring thing, either---maybe it's something you did once that had an effect.

And, most importantly, tell us why.

Why this topic?

I've listened to a lot of people for a long time talk about the way in which they don't measure up to a greater example.

So next week, I'm asking each participant to think about what he or she does that contributes value in some way...and write it down. In your post, mention the Hump Day Hmm, link to my blog, then e-mail the link to your post to me at j pippert at gmail dot com and I'll link back to you.

Take any tone you like: funny or serious, it's all good. Feel free to stretch a bit and try something a little different.

And below...don't miss my actual post for today, All that they lost while they were sleeping.

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Nice idea. You're right in that most people choose to write about things they're struggling with as opposed to things they're good at or proud of. It's kind of human nature to not want to toot your own horn.

Looking forward to reading what people have to say. I would write one but I'm no good at that kind of thing. (ha - just kidding!)
Liv said…
And yet I can't. Tooting the horn is not what I'm good at. Making fun of my horn is what I'm good at.
Girlplustwo said…
very nice idea, Julie.
Lawyer Mama said…
Oh crapperdoodles. (I'm trying to work on my potty mouth.)

Why don't you just ask me to post a picture of myself naked? That would be easier. Gah!

I have an idea, but I'll have to let it percolate for a bit this weekend.....
thailandchani said…
Honestly, I don't think that's for me to determine... That's for others to decide.

Still, an interesting idea. I'll be interested in reading what others post. :)


Anonymous said…
What a great idea. I'll have to give it some thought. My mind has had some heavy thoughts lately so it shouldn't be too hard.
Julie Pippert said…
Jeff, I think you are right. And yet, I don't think saying something matters needs to be self-aggrandizement. I think of the French, who so gracefully accept compliments (in general).

So, Liv, I hope to encourage people to catch something. For example, you send your kids to Montessori for their benefit. That matters. :)

Jen, thanks!

LM and SM, cool! Yes, it seems naked and YET, both of you have written so many posts that already do this. I know because I've read them. Liv, same goes. :)

Oh Chani, I very respectfully disagree. I think it is important to know what you think is valuable and matters. You know Thailand is important to you, and that the culture from there that you pursue matters. Each step you take towards that has an effect...this ties in with the culture. It's not about shedding humility and taking on this big American-style EMPOWERMENT; it's about locating the gratitude and positive footprint we have. We can so easily take negative task, so I think it matters also to take positive task.
OOHHHH...this is a hard are actually asking women to write good things about themselves? TOUGH! I may want to try this one....though I do much better at self-depricating humor! :)

RBF- (Random Brain F*rt) I wish you could come and share your creativity with my students one day....they would LOVE you! :)

I am trying to teach them to stretch themselves as writers and make their work engaging and interesting....something you have mastered greatly!
Anonymous said…
It's so funny to me that IRL I know so many people that are so ready to tell you the good, but this crowd, is all I can't write good things about me. I am all over this one, you know 'cause I love to brag, Jk. Seriously, I've been thinking about this one for about a month now, so you are the kick in the pants I needed to write it.
atypical said…
Eek, this is harder than the funny one!

Anonymous said…
Not terribly sure about the linky thingy [can do it for the old blog but still on a learning curve for the new one]
Best wishes
Casdok said…
Will have to think about that one!!

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