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It's like an involuntary divorce that just won't take

The state I left in a pregnancy induced psychotic hysteria---what can I say, first time around all I did was buy a Subaru Forester, and anyway what's my husband's excuse?---just won't let us go. Regularly they send us notices that we can once again regain our status as citizens of the state. For a small fee. We call, email and send written letters notifying them that we left. They update our address to our new state, but don't accept it. That makes it tough because we don't accept it either. Neither my husband nor I are quite sure how and why we are here and not there any longer. It's particularly hard when the hard heat of summer arrives here about April and doesn't leave until November. It's particularly hard when everything is still green and flowers are still blooming and it's Christmas. Oh well, we have our red t-shirts and shorts now, instead of cords and sweaters. And it's really hard when it's practically September and I've been

School is IN and summer is OUT! Woo hoo! Woo hoo!

Do you know---and maybe this only amazes me because I am some sort of unatural mother---some mothers actually cried at the end of summer? I? Was completely not one of them. Now, starting school, especially a hallmark moment like first day of kindergarten, I can understand tears. Your baby is growing up, or your baby is upset. Of course we feel it. I mean, I admit it, I didn't cry. Not one tear. Didn't even feel a lurch as the kids walked in to the classroom without a backward glance. I'm immune to it because we've been doing this a while. But how many of you are not just a little bit glad to get the chance to miss your kids? That's how I view it. We appreciate one another so much more due to this wonderful opportunity to miss one another. You see, I can make it sound GREAT! In truth, I think after being together 24/7 this entire summer...they are as ready as I am for a new venue. We're both ready for the challenge to be with someone else somewhere else. But, som

The Muppets at Midnight in the Conservatory with a Flute

Not to be too morbid, but how would your obituary read? Here's mine according to Quiz Galaxy: 'What will your obituary say?' at I've got no complaints. As long as it's about 100 years---give or take a very few---in the future...I'm good with this. Thanks to The Dog's Breakfast for this quiz!

Off with their heads! Clear cut the planet...I'm allergic!

I'm suddenly and painfully allergic to many things. I have had extensive allergy tests, and have the results. My top allergens are trees (most), grass (most), mold (all) and peanuts. I try to be careful but still, sometimes I don't know what I got into that is causing me to have an allergic reaction. Like right now. The reaction started a couple of days ago and I've gone over and over that day in my mind as best I can. I can't figure it out. Something I ate? Something I inhaled? The most likely scenario is that it's like the melons and chamomile. I'm not actually directly allergic to either, but my body receives their proteins the same way it does things I am actually allergic to, especially if I am already reacting. It's called cross-reactive allergies. And whether you are "actually" allergic to these things, or cross-reactive reacting to them, it feels the same. Sucky. So I'm reacting right now. It goes on for days. It makes me tired, crabby,