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Are you as courageous as a 7 year old?

This past weekend my younger daughter waited in a waiting room for "forever" (approximately 45 minutes), then stood in a line in a hall for "even longer" (approximately 20 minutes), and finally heard her number called (not her name). It was her turn. She walked into a room and stood in front of four adults and sang her heart out. All by herself. She had the boldness and courage to walk into a room and audition for a show. She put herself out there to go for something she really wanted. She had the wisdom to know what she wanted. She'd had about two days(ish) to prepare. We learned about the opportunity to do this on Thursday. We spent a little time that evening selecting a song. Then, she applied herself for two straight hours learning the melody and lyrics. The next day was a school day but still, under her own motivation, she worked that evening memorizing and getting comfortable. The next morning, thanks to some generous and talented family, we went to her a

Killing Them Off -- A New Year's Resolution

Oh dem bones. I have realized I spent a great deal of time in a state of aggravation due to asking Rhetorical Questions, particularly of the parent variety. So, for 2012, I am pledging to do my best to lay to rest the following: What were you thinking !?! Why did you do that?!? Is that really a good idea?!? Does this go here ? Why why why ?!? Are you using your head!?! What did you think I would say?!? What did you think would happen? Can anyone else in this house... ...replace toilet paper? ...put things away? ...toss laundry in the hamper? ...close it if you opened it? And so on. Largely because these are passive aggressive and not really what I mean. So I want to say what I mean. Fill the pitcher when you empty it, please. Put on a fresh roll of toilet paper when you use the last bit, please. When you get a flying toy stuck on the roof, come ask us for help solving that problem, please. Put away those toys where they go, please. What are your ideas to