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The truth about fat and blogs

Every Spring my local women's club---social, yes, but also charitable and very down-to-earth by which I mean "shares appreciation for wine and dancing on tables"---has a fashion show. The local chi-chi boutique chips in and outfits models who parade about one of our tonier member's magazine-worthy home, around a pool or lakeside. The models are us. Yes, that's what I said. Every year I model in a little fashion show. You get to go to this chi-chi boutique where you select clothes that look good on you with a personal fashion expert advising. Like "What Not to Wear," only slightly nicer. Yes, only slightly. And no free money. Just a 20% off coupon. 20% off still doesn't buy me a t-shirt on clearance, by the way. But oh I love those clothes. My appointment with the professional is on Monday. The assistant called yesterday to get some information about me. Here's what you should know about me: if I was a gorgeous black woman, Tyra Banks and I could

Weighing in and BlogHer supports Andy Carvin's new holiday

Slowly but surely wins the race, right? I hope the rest of Lotta's Future MILF's are doing well. Yesterday I posted about bullying . (By the way, comments remain open. So feel free to write out your thoughts if you want.) Lisa Stone wrote today in support of PBS Teachers learning now's Andy Carvin who declared today Stop Cyberbullying Day . (Thanks for the heads-up on that, Elisa.) Also, today, Amy Goodman interviewed Professor Philip Zimbardo, an expert on bullying and victimization (to say the least) and author of a new book, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil . It's interesting how things flow together, or how you see/find/hear things when you are aware of them My post yesterday wasn't a coincidence. It had been on my mind for about two weeks, and then a variety of different events motivated me to finally post my thoughts. It's been fascinating to hear thoughts and opinions, heartbreaking and troubling to read others' stories, a

Sticks and stones may break bones but words can wound the spirit

Growing up I hated that thing we were supposed to say to bullies, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." No wonder they laughed in my face. They used words because they knew the pain they inflicted. Plus, that saying loses a lot of impact when said in a quivery voice through trembling lips, followed up with a fast getaway. Like most of us, there was a point in my life when I endured a lot of mean words: childhood. You know the stereotypes of kids in classes: the paste eater, the clown, the prissy one, and the Special Kid. That last one was me. And I don't mean special in a good way. Picture a very slight child, thin dark hair cut like a bowl, polyester hanging from her shoulders...and on her feet? Very large, bulky, stiff saddle shoes. More than a decade past when saddle shoes were cool. These were Special Shoes and they aggravated my sense of self-awareness into a case of severe shyness. In those days, flat feet were diagnosed as a Serious

It's the visual equivalent of a roadkill squirrel

Updated: Momish, just for you: I'm telling you, it not only looked like a dead squirrel on his head, but he sounded a bit like the visual equivalent of roadkill. God Bless Him. And God Forgive Me. One of the more entertaining or bizarre moments on the show; I haven't decided. To speak, or not to speak: therein lies the dilemma Oy oy oy. I faced this same ethical dilemma last year when I felt very compelled to write about Kevin Covais . It's Sanjaya, on American Idol . I have something to say about him, about the show. Before leaping into the pool of cess, I have a caveat: I like to think of myself not per se as nice, but as kind: kind, courteous and respectful. Sanjay is a kid, a real kid with feelings. He's a person who deserves common courtesy, not unconstructive criticism. I think that's the really, really bad downside to reality TV: it fosters a common perception that we all get to be critics. Put something up in front of me, it's mine to critique and I have

When the blogosphere turns exclusionary and elitist, will you have a place?

There has been much talk, recently, about the privilege bloggers must have to write blogs. This predicates the assumption that writing and access to time to write and time to post, as well as access to computers is a privilege. I want to turn this concept on its ear for a minute (or thirty) because in all sincerity, from any particular point of view, almost anything can be viewed as a privilege, and since there is almost always someone one step (or more) up and one step (or more) down. Note: If I was really cool, rather than lazy and pressed for time, I'd offer linky love to all those privilege thinkers such as Gwen, Mad Hatter and Her Bad Mother but first, I think anyone who reads me probably reads them first and second, they are all over there in my blogroll (pause, glance to right) and third, see first comma delineated phrase. Please, all of you who have written and/or commented on privilege, consider yourself loved. I consider myself on the one hand privileged, and on the other

Three Political Points, One Unbearably Funny Link, and a LOL Bonus

Point 1. I find it richly ironic, or maybe oxymoronic , that after so ably defending the invasion of the unfettered and non-oversighted Homeland Security into American citizens' private business without notification, cause or warrant with this: "If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide, so you don't need to worry about anyone poking around in your bidness." Bush claims executive privilege to protect his own "bidness" which is under legitimate legal, with cause, scrutiny. Glenn Greenwald explains it much more eloquently than I can in his Salon article, " The president's oh-so-noble reliance on "executive privilege " You can also go to the White House Web site and read transcripts of all press conferences, briefings, and gaggles. I find reading it better in many ways. Point 2. This sort of thing is exactly why I am acting like a Patriot these days: From the War Room by Tim Grieve Bush: Gonzales has my support Geo

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Quorum

After being confronted with written evidence, Julie admits that she is a total attention whore. In some things, in some ways, sometimes I look outward for validation of my worth and existence. I admit it. It's my weak spot, my vanity spot . If you say I am clever, comment on a post, offer me an award, mention me on your blog, reply to a comment I left on your blog, or in any way flatter me as a writer...I am hopelessly, slavishly devoted to you. I will probably even add you to my blogroll just so everyone can see the list of all the cool kids who actually like me . The girl, she knows she is vain in this regard , but after much vanity discussion and navel-gazing , she has decided to love herself anyway, as she is (ironically) and will keep searching for (1) internal validation and (2) her first person . Until I reach a better point of self-actualization, though, may I just say that this week you people have been better than prozac and chocolate (together, with a side of white choc

Gardasil edges out Viagra in intimacy enhancement market

In an unprecedented move, Gardasil has edged out Viagra in the intimacy enhancement market. "We're stymied," said Edgar Appleton, market analyst, "We can't explain this phenomenon at all. Viagra has long been king of sex pills." Surveys of the public found that Viagra was the best known drug in any category and received the most free press via jokes and references in television, radio, and movies. 100% of those surveyed were able to describe the pill (shape and color) although only .0005% admitted to taking it. Viagra grew to be the touchstone of impotence medications in 1999. Despite not reaching its full anticipated sales performance potential, it remained the market leader ahead of competitors such as Cialis and Levitra. "We're shocked," said an unnamed Pfizer spokesperson, "Sure, Viagra has competition, things that potentially drive down sales such as drugs that shall remain nameless, email spam campaigns, wives with headaches, heart d

The MUST READ post: Links to HPV-related facts and opinions

Introductory note in which I plead with you to have patience and read this entire long post, and explain why you want to do that: MEN and WOMEN alike should read this post, not just for their children's sake, but also for their own sake . I thought I'd done a lot of HPV research and learned a lot, but based on information sent to me after my call for links I learned I don't know the half of it, and that it is all vital to know . It's not just a female problem, it's a male problem too. And it's not just cervical cancer, it's also anal and oral cancer too. And condoms don't protect you. The vaccine isn't the cure-all. And there are things you need to do, and things you need to teach your kids, in order to best protect yourselves. So read on... From comments, emails, references, and my own search of the blogosphere I've collected links that I think will benefit you as you research HPV and the HPV vaccines on the market. The more we know, the better

Confessing Member of the Mr. Rogers Cult

The greatest man I never actually knew. I introduced Patience to Mr. Rogers today. I don't know what took me so long. But it was definitely the right time because after watching one episode, she was hooked. "More," she demanded. Mr. Rogers is the iconic cult leader for children like Patience. He's sensitive, quiet, calm, touchy-feely, wise, and perfectly brilliant because good grief charlie brown, he's the exact grown-up Patience would design, right from her very head, if she could. He's very into make believe. And so is Patience! He likes to learn how things are made and how things work. And so does Patience! He's not into busy, loud, crowded, flashing, fast, or crazy. And neither is Patience! He likes animals. As does Patience! His house isn't sensorily overwhelming but is full of interesting things. Who wouldn't want the magic picture or trolley through the house? It's the Patience dream house! As I watched the show I haven't seen in y