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Bearer of Bad Tidings: When should you take the risk and tell a boss about a difficult coworker?

"I knew my boss was interviewing someone for a new position," my friend told me, "But you could have knocked me over with a feather when she walked in!" My friend Judy and I were talking about her experience with a difficult coworker. Judy lives in another town and works in a small-world-after-all industry -- one I used to work in, and truthfully, the one I'm in now is very much the same: you tend to cross paths over and over with the same people. Judy actually had worked with this difficult coworker at a previous job. When Judy joined that company, this woman, Anne, was already well-established. She was cheerful, friendly, outgoing, and one of those people who loved to accentuate the positive. She took Judy under her wing on Judy's first day. "I went home that night and told my husband that if she was a reflection of how this company was going to be, it was going to be my best job ever," Judy recalled. For the first few months, Judy felt like she

Got Strategy? How a Mom 2.0 Panel Squared Away Me and My Goals

I feel ridiculous sitting here thinking about trying to provide a post-conference recap of this year's Mom 2.0 Summit. Post-conference recaps are like train-wrecks for me personally, when I was unable to attend. I'm sick to think of all I missed and reading about all that I did miss (usually the Total Awesome, as I feared) makes me cramp a little in the gut region, and yet...I'm unable to look away. I assiduously scan all posted photos, read all recaps I can get my hands on, and ask attendees to fill me in. I feel a little desperate to somehow capture a bit of the magic and be included. With the socialization. Not, per se, with the messages. Which, it seems, few people discuss. Instead it's all about the people. Which makes sense. Except... As I posted my own photos from the recent Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston (which I did attend), I caught myself gushing over how wonderful I felt being with My Tribe, my Race of Joseph, my Bosom Buddies. My photos were all of the After mom

NASA supports fighting space

I got this via email, from the council I'm on at the American Cancer Society. The photo is of Kathryn “Kay” Hire, captain in the US Navy Reserve and NASA Astronaut, who recently launched on the shuttle Endeavour. You probably know I have a huge bias in favor of NASA, largely because most of my family works there, but in addition to that (and maybe because of that) because I know how many valuable services NASA has provided to us that help our daily lives, and how much I know they are working on right now that will continue to help us. It's not all about glorified manned space flights -- all of the missions have a greater purpose. So when I got this press release, I thought how awesome is that ! And I had to share. Celebrating More Birthdays in Space On Saturday, February 7, the more birthdays movement will broaden its mission of a world with more birthdays and set its sights on a new frontier – space. Kathryn “Kay” Hire, captain in the US Navy Reserve and NASA Astronaut, will