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Value Kids Over Cuts: Why Head Start is Crucial

  “Over the next few months, Congress will be faced with tough decisions. Deep, across-the-board cuts to education and domestic programs loom. ” True story. “Cuts will dramatically cost America’s children: across-the-board cuts could mean nearly $5 billion in education cuts . The cuts have real consequences: Fewer services for more than 9 million public school students and job losses for 80,000 Americans .”   Whoa. Head Start programs are often first on the chopping block, generally cited as an unnecessary indulgence. Oy. What a misunderstanding of Head Start--who and how it helps. Take 19 year old single mom Rosalie and her daughter in Phoenix. Rosalie learned how to supportively parent her daughter, access preventive medical care, graduate high school, and get a job. Her daughter got the best beginning and Rosalie got herself and her daughter into a better position. But now, according to the New York Times , “Tens of thousands of young children from low-income f