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River raft beds and other reflections (of life after a catastophe)

One day, it seemed that the crisis was over, the disaster passed, even if the situation wasn't completely at an end. Blue tented roofs covered well-lighted houses that received phone calls once again, and where the people within made breakfast, squabbled about what to do for dinner, ran showers a little too long, and folded laundry while watching reality TV. The traffic lights no longer dangled into the streets, bigger than you imagine up close, and just one more obstacle to drive around. And though they still flashed, instead of running the red, yellow, green cycle we expect, flashing made everyone stop, instead of allowing some to pretend it meant a free for all where you never have to halt. The big government trailers and trucks still hogged the roads and parking lots, but there were fewer of them. As the public sector moved out, the private sector moved in. The big sailboat still leaned against the palm tree next to the hotel. I wondered if the owner had to drive by and see it

Today, you can listen to me on FOX News Radio and Blog Talk Radio

Today I'm going on FOX News Radio to talk, chat and take questions from listeners about a specific subject. I can't tell you what I'll be talking about (although I know!) but I can assure you it's a Big Topic On All Our Minds. Initially I was hesitant to do this---all progressives know to be leery of FOX, and watching Hannity's Radicalism in America (aka How To Fan the Racism and Xenophobia Flames Against Obama) show last night, followed by an exploration of the economic crisis (squarely blamed on Democrats, because we all know problems and solutions are always single partisan) didn't assuage my fears that much. If FOX has a commitment to fair and balanced reporting, you can call me a monkey's mother. I expressed these concerns to the executives at FOX and Blog Talk Radio. Apparently, I wasn't the only concerned progressive (there are four of us). We were assured that this is a legitimate, Crossfire-like debate, not an ambush or setup. And to their cred

Displaced by Ike? Worried about voting? Get your INFO and FACTS here!

From the State of Texas website (Secretary of State, Hope Andrade): Election Procedures and Information Following Hurricane Ike TO: Voter Registrars, County Clerks, and Elections Administrators FROM: Ann McGeehan, Director of Elections DATE: September 22, 2008 RE: Election Procedures and Information Following Hurricane Ike The Secretary of State and her staff would like to extend their sympathy to all Texans affected by Hurricane Ike. As emergency relief efforts continue, we would also like to provide basic information with regards to the upcoming November 4, 2008 election. As we learn more about the situation in all affected areas, we will provide updated information. In the meantime, the following general information may be helpful to you. Voter Information We realize that evacuation is a difficult experience and that voters may not be certain of their future living arrangements, neither short nor long term. Voters who have been displaced have several options for voting in