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#epicfail and Other Parenting Moments

Running unprotected by water and stones . Have you ever noticed how some people cough *other parents* cough just love to kill the buzz? Okay let's take other parents. Say you're somewhere, like the playground, and you and the other parents are gabbing, and you maybe know some, don't know some, you know how it is. And you're being yourself, which in this case happens to a person with a very dry wit who often speaks rather facetiously. And you're all talking about your kids. And then you're all whipping out the iPhones to show kid photos. Even though the kids are all right there on the playground, for real. But you all just have to share this funny or magical moment caught by the phone camera to illustrate some parenting triumph. So you get your turn and you show this photo of your kid, maybe riding a bike, maybe a two-wheeler without training wheels, for the very first time. All the parents are oohing and ahhing and you feel it comi