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So Bitacle has scraped every last one of my entries for oh...about the last few months.

Hey Bitacle SUCKS!

I won't say that name one more time since I don't want to garner any more press for that bastard organization.

So from now on the web site that shall not be named shall instead be called that bastard organization aka BO, which fits since they STINK!

I've found a few of my pieces of art lifted off my site without permission, but with credit...and since people were saying nice things and linking back to me, I overlooked the slight swipy nature of it and instead felt all warm and fuzzy and even have been known to send a little thank you note. That's how desperate I am for attention: I thank people who notice me and am slavishly grateful (at least in my head).

It's easy to be like this since hmm about ten people read this blog. On the upside only two of them are related to me so there are at least 8 other people in the world (and yes world since now and again someone from Japan and someone else from Lithuania pop by).

Which reminds me I owe Bub and Pie a BIG THANKS! for linking to my Whirling Dervish post and leaving comments. Know my ongoing gratitude lies in the permalink I have for your wonderful blog and the comments I leave there regularly.



So I find myself not leaving a comment if there are already plenty of them (like over 10) unless I am mightily compelled by the topic or not commenting if I'm just blog surfing (in reader mode, not talker mode). I wonder what makes other people comment or not.

I admit I have been looking for comments, and have gone back to reviewing Sitemeter. The resurgence in my interst in Sitemeter was motivated by BO's nefarious act of swiping.

The really stinky thing is...not only have I been swiped but it hasn't even generated any increase of interest in my blog.

At least they owe me some traffic, don't ya think?

Eh. I'm off to eat my Autumn Harvest cereal and to dream of weather cooler than 78-humid-degrees-that-feels-like-an-uncomfortable-85.

My kids and I, this past weekend, used a big roll of butcher paper to cover part of one wall. We drew a large tree and have been slowly adding in gold, crimson, brown, and other fall colored leaves. I look at that every day and pretend it's the window with a view, instead of the real window that displays year round greeness and palm trees.

Just another day in paradise!

By Julie Pippert
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That is the problem with stupid BO. People can read all of your stuff without ever actually clicking on your site.

Aw man!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, I don't think that BO actually has any readers. Their "blogs" are really hard to navigate, there's no commenting, and if someone wants to read updated material, it's easy enough to click over from the (not very prominently displayed) link. Which no one ever does. Because no one actually reads BO except us bloggers checking to see if they've scraped our stuff.

I find that I comment way more when I have the opportunity to read blogs in the morning. After 7 pm, I have nothing to say to anyone.

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