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Tropical Storm Edouard: the updates (and photos)

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8:15 a.m. about two hours after the first notable rain bands hit:

Note the big, brown patch courtesy of the drought. See why we are so happy to get rain, finally? You can't see the rain in the photo or how the trees are starting to blow, but you can see the accumulating water on the patio. All furniture and toys (anything loose) is put in the garage and the swingset is secured. That was before we knew it would be more like "summer breeze" than "evil gusts."

That back corner is the pond (behind the bushes, by the picnic table). It was getting so low (the water) that we worried for the fish. But, you can't put tap water in there or it might kill the fish because the chlorine level is so high. Contemplate that one for a moment.

So far, big excitement is a branch (small) on the lawn.

10:15 Update TS Edouard---the storm hits

Sheets of rain, solid wind, nothing worrisome, but at least something interesting.

4 PM After the storm headed west

First thing we checked...the pond:
Overflow all across the back. Bad news: fish are not too smart and are happily swimming all over the backyard. Good news: they don't cost much, reproduce quickly, and the entire yard is draining back to this area, and then the water is flowing through the channels back into the pond, which might save a lot of fish lives and landscaping issues. (See next photos to see water moving back to pond.) Also, it means the pond is working for drainage.

Yes, the fence is so newly installed it still has tags on it.

Next, down to the lake/bayou to have a look at the water level (and to get out of the house) (my God to get OUT OF THE HOUSE):

Looking out to sea, across the lake, looking towards the Bay, you can see the cloud break:

Some standing water, not bad:

And, of course, some gratuitous shots of the beautiful children and dog:

We'll see if we get anything from the other edge.


Liv said…
and to me, i just see the south hit with rain... lord, but do we all need it desperately!
Robert said…
Tropical storms are fine by me since they bring rain. Category one hurricanes are another story for another day, though.

We have a "drainage" area on our property. Problem is, we don't mean for it to be that way, it just is. It turns to an impassible swamp anytime it rains. Strangely, it all collects in one main area, and there's places beyond it that are fine. Glad to be through with that problem (hopefully).
crazymumma said…
May I just say that compared to your shitstorm the other day you appear to have escaped relatively unscathed.
jeanie said…
It seems that you are now where we were a year ago.

Yep - was the car out?

We get Lake Paradise in the back yard each rain due to neighbours building their blocks up when they built, removing all drainage potential..
Anonymous said…
Good to see that you weren't washed out to sea/blown away by gusts of wind/driven crazy being cooped up in the house with 2 kids.

Sorry to hear about the fish, though.

Laski said…
PHEW . . . not too bad!!! So, how did the fish fare???
flutter said…
glad you're ok!
Unknown said…
Storm lover here. Though the muddy aftermath is never joyful.
Love the tennis ball holder.
Kyla said…
It was such a non-event. I'm happy with that.

When did P2 get her hair cut?
we_be_toys said…
Good times! But it sure beats the heck out of another drought year!
Great pics - I love this last one of the dog with the quintessential tennis ball - the mainstay of all Labrador-type dogs!
sassy stephanie said…
Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

I too bike. I do the MS150 to Austin every year. I also, until a recent move, taught group cycle classes twice a week. I got a little burned out though and have not been on the bike recently.

What lake do you live on? We are near Conroe.
sassy stephanie said…
Oh and sorry to tell you...I have lived in the Htown aread for 36 years and still get lost!! *urgh!

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