Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hey! Maybe they can make pumpkin pie from the head! And other news...

Perfect Compliment and Perfect Post Awards

A Perfect Post - December

I'm not even going to pretend to be humble. The surprise, however, was real.



I like it, I love it, I can't stand myself I'm so moved!

Masked Mom, my new best friend who I did not even bribe or beg to nominate me, put my Parenting as if I might get hit by a bus tomorrow post up for the award.

As I told Masked Mom, when a really good blogger nominates you it's like total huge warm fuzzy compliment. Many thanks to her.

And to stand next to such august company over there at Suburban Turmoil and Petroville. I am listed alongside some of my favorite bloggers, such as Petroville, One Plus Two, Under the Mad Hat, Girl Con Queso, Mom 101, Chicky Chicky Baby. I read the blogs of nominators and nominees and wow, those are some good blogs out there with some awesome posts.

Go check out the entire list of Perfect Post Award Winners.

Perfectly Funny Comment

After last night---blog story to follow when I find my sense of humor about it all---my brain was so fried I decide to plug the children into the television while I showered. Persistence wanted me to sit with her for a minute so I made the mistake of doing that. When sleep-deprived and exhausted (yes, they are different) one should never stop moving. Be like a shark, be the shark, just keep swimming!

But I sat.

And I zoned.

I was vaguely aware that Sprout was assaulting what little of my senses remained with Bob the Builder but fortunately I'm halfway to brain dead so it had very little impact.

(As an aside, please, a shovel to the head before any more Bob or no, wait, let's save that for Angelina Ballerina. Seriously. Who likes that whiny little rodent? Please. Stick up for girlfriend or well, I'll feel free to trash her, liberally someday. Kipper, even WonderPets but SPARE ME THE MOUSE!)

Okay so Bob. As usual Spud is up to his antics. It apparently involved a camera rather than large machinery this time, and as usual in the end, his behavior merely warranted a guffaw by Bob in the end.

Patience was watching with an unusual level of attention. Her eyes were narrowed and she had on her Thinking Hard Face.

She turned to me, "Hey, Mom?"

I braced myself for some Complex Question that Would Tax My .25% Remaining Brain Power Likely Resulting in Smoke From the Ears and Inarticulate Stuttering from Mouth.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Do you think they'll ever make a pie out of Spud's head?"

Snort. Snort snort. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

And before my brain could scream, NO, no DO NOT SAY IT! I replied, "One can only hope."

And she says, "Yep, one can only hope. That would be yum yum good. I love me some pumpkin pie."

I cried I laughed so hard and did not even care that it offended her because she was totally serious.

Please tell me you also have visions of sugared Spud dancing in your head. Please.

copyright all text and images Julie Pippert, 2007.


Lotta said...

So funny! You are a great writer!

jen said...

very well deserved. very.

Mad Hatter said...

Head pie. Mmmmm tasty.

As for the award: atta be!! It's a well deserved nod.