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Photo essay: The View from the Center of My Known Universe

Adding in Friday 1/26/2007 check-in:

That's almost a three pound loss from last go round. Thanks, Lotta, for hosting this great check-in and weight loss support!

Girl Con Queso tagged all unsuspecting visitors to her site with the "What's it look like out your front door?" meme-thingie going around.

Because today is finally a beautiful sunny day after (I think) 40 days and 40 nights of dreary rain, I finally felt motivated to whip out the camera and quickly snap off a few shots out my door. They are what I like to call rushed raw honest shots (read: I used PHD mode). I added in some other gratuitous shots to put the door shots in context.

Literally, out the front door in the last hour. What you don't see: that my little lighted Christmas trees are shockingly still on display out front. What you do see that I feel sort of apologetic about: the big yard mess. In defense, we've had dreadful weather and storms and always have a lot of debris to clear after that, plus who wants to mow, weed, and so forth in the cold rain.

The park and bayou down the street. The bayou flows to the lake that flows to the bay that flows to the ocean...and it's all so close together you can see pretty much the first three all at once. The north wind clears out the water. Yes, it's that green here year round. This close to the warm ocean water we are very temperate, often ~5 degrees warmer than even just 10 miles further inland. The average winter temp: ~68 degrees F. Average summer temp: 68 million degrees F.

Dragon boat races on the bayou. Isn't the smog gorgeous? Obviously a large percentage of people here are boaters of some sort, with a huge group of rowers (out there every day). Everyone must be very good and not capsize. Just north of our neighborhood (adjacent to us actually) is a large nature preserve. That have alligators. Or crocodiles. Or whichever of those water reptiles I mean, among other fauna. The alligators do not make good neighbors because they do not respect property boundaries. One has even gotten really lost and was seen cruising the waterfront road here. I know nothing of this because I invest heavily in Plausible Deniability, which is to say, if I keep denying reptiles exist it becomes plausible that for me, they do not exist.

Down on the boardwalk.

A gorgeous waterfront park in our town that has awesome hiking trails and great places to picnic.

Note: Apologies if you came here looking for space photos. I do have a Space Cowboy post in the pipeline but haven't managed to polish it up to post-ready.

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert.


Girlplustwo said…
i love the view from your door. and the fact you are near the water.

i'd so love that.
Mad said…
Did I mention that it's -20 here?

Lovely photos.
sillychick said…
I think your weight loss is incredible! What an inspiration you are to me.

Thank you, too, for leaving me such nice comments.
Julie Pippert said…
Jen, being near to the water is a criteria for us. It can add to cost of living but we think it's worth it. :)

Mad Hatter, so...does looking at photos of Perpetual Summerland help? or hurt?

Sillychick, thanks, I'm awed too..first that I got up this much and second that I am sticking to the plan and losing it! You're welcome...I plan to try to visit later on today to check in!
Syd said…
Looks great!! We have 10 degree weather here today and it snowed all morning. My daughter is in heaven!! I don't have a car, so it really doesn't matter to me today!! :) Way to go on the weight!! For some reason I thought you were in Chicago. I guess not!! (did you move there after Boston?) Gotta run, making cupcakes for a birthday party tomorrow. Oh, and I was horrified when I read about the dog park incident. I don't have a dog, but I am SURE I would be mortified if my dog did that to a little girl and would have apologized, and then most likely left. What a kook!! People! Have a great weekend!!
Congratulations on the weight loss! I thought the view was lovely from your door.
Paige said…
Beautiful view!

Congrats on the weight loss!
Mom O Matic said…
Wow! Amazing.

You are so close to your goal. I would be lying if I didn't say I was a wee bit jealous. But I'll flip that around and just be damn proud! Pretty soon you will become an honorary MILF mentor like Oh The Joys!
Mom O Matic said…
PS - The MILF group is bigger than I ever dreamed. How awesome is it that so many of us are taking care and boosting each other up! Love it!
Anonymous said…
Julie - great progress! I can't wait to read more. And beautiful photos, too.
3 things!

I want to live outside your front door! It's beautiful there!

Awesome scale thing. How can I get one for my blog...or should I even bother since it wouldn't move.

And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!! I love it when new people stop in and say hi!

I still want to live where you live.
thailandchani said…
Your neighborhood looks very, very nice! Pretty lake... pretty house. I have no idea where you live but it's certainly a pretty part of the world.

I blogrolled you as well. I enjoy your blog tremendously. Thank you for writing this for us. :)


Her Bad Mother said…
Holy heck. HOLY HECK. It's FREEZING here.

So lovely, out your front door.
Julie Pippert said…
Syd, Chicago? Hmmm. I partied there in 1999 but otherwise...oh might have been my sister was maybe going there and we sort of wished...

Hope the party went well and 10 degrees, bundle up!

Queen, Paige, Jakeelliesmom, thanksX2, thanksX2 and thanksX2!

Lotta, AMEN! You know, for budgetary reasons I had to drop my WW monthly pass. I'd be really bummed and worried except I know I can count on the MILFs. That goal is merely Goal 1. The gal I felt I could make versus the one I think I should make, so I might be rolling out Goal 2 as soon as I reach Goal 1. I've also been at this for a while, although I totally understand!

Girl, go to and get a weight loss one. Easy as pie, or actually, having made pie, easier. You are welcome and thanks to you!

Chani, thanks, thanks and you are welcome, back at you!

HBM, want I should send some warm your way? ;) Thanks!
yerdoingitwrong said…
Great job on the 3 lbs! And those pics are gorgeous. You live in a pretty area!
Unknown said…
Pretty pictures. I have inlaws that live on the bayou in Houston, but this looks nicer. Where is it?

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