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Weighing in and Trouble Sleeping

Spring break has been a little kind to me. I did break through my weight loss plateau. Only by one pound, but, eh, I'll take it.

Spring break has also been cruel. We had wicked thunderstorms for the first part of the week, trapping us indoors for the most part. And some evil power decided to move forward the time change, which means spring forward coincided with spring break and a total breakdown of good sleep and regular routines.

Although Corinne and I are dealing with sleep-deprivation for different reasons, this video is always good, the song is always fabulous for any reason.

I do have a post I put up late-ish yesterday just below this, and now, I'm off and running for the weekend. Kid photos tomorrow. God help me.

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Girlplustwo said…
i will come back and get to the less meaty but always delicious next post down later..but i just wanted to say sucks when we don't sleep. it just does.

and congrats on the one pounder.
Gwen said…
I was thinking about your weight loss issues when I was reading my Yoga Journal last weekend. I'm sure you know this, but it talked about the relationship between stress and weight gain, that stress releases what? cortisol? that is somehow related to insulin that causes stressed out people to hoard weight around their middles. Soooo fascinating, I know, I know. Gah!

Anyway, apparently, all you have to do is lie down with your legs up a wall (can't remember the yoga term for that) or just lie down, in shavasana and viola! all your weight issues will be solved.

Doesn't that sound grand?

And kid pictures? You mean yours? Here? (because that would be cool) or do you mean having them taken professionally? (which might be cool for you, but for me? not so much)
MamaMaven said…
Yeah for breaking through the plateau. Sorry about the lack f sleep. Been there, done that, wish I had a secret bullet.
Unknown said…
I, too, have suffered the slings and arrows of Daylight Savings Time. Ugh! I am getting too old for it. Seriously.

Congrats on the breakthrough. This past week was the first without a loss for me since I got started and the positive self-talk has begun! ;)
Julie Pippert said…
Jen, eh you lose some and you gain some, not so great. I now have water I don't need residing in my body so I'm back up.

Gwen, you totally caught me out, 100%. Hate you. Love you. LOL Holy basil, which I stopped taking because I thought I was oh-so-cured, helps with that too. I will attempt that pose.

What I REALLY ought to do is learn my effing lesson (again) and not over-commit. Grow up already why don't I LOL.

I did have the kids photos taken---Picture People, do you call that professionally?---and am happy with the result. I do not have them digitally to post, though. I will ponder the how-to of this. I've enjoyed your kids' photos often enough.

Heather, you find that magic bullet you will be very rich. :)

Mary, we can self-talk positively to one another. Once we are out of the DST crabbiness, or maybe I just mean me there lOL.

Thanks for support, all!

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