Thursday, May 10, 2007

Compassion, Tolerance, Justice and Forgiveness: Hump Day Hmmm Roundtable Part 3

In good news...

Chad signs deal to demobilise child soldiers a "Free Children from War" conference organised by UNICEF in France in February, African governments including Chad said they would try to rid their countries of underage fighters.

In other good news...

Please make sure to take a little time---if you haven't yet---and visit the roundtable participants.

The marvelous contributors are:

Kaliroz wrote Cold, Broken Hallelujah

Slouching Mom wrote Port Authority: The 1970's

After the Ball wrote Practice What You Preach

Also, for those of you who are not in a place this week to participate and who requested an extension: granted! I'll extend this topic. Take your time. Just send me a link when you finish and I'll add it in to this post.

In more good news...

It's time for the April Just posts.

Check them out at either Mad's or Jen's spots. There are some really, truly fantastic ones. As usual, but I really mean it. :)

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