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Just shooting the blog...telling you about linky love and communities

Welcome to the meeting. Feel free to get coffee and bagel from the coffee bar over there. The fresh fruit...well, I trashed it. Didn't look too fresh. My assistant, Patience, is handing out agendas. Excuse the crumpling and chewed corners, some might still be damp. Sorry, Persistence wanted to help.


* Would you like to join my Good Blogs Book, Music, and Art review community?
* Are you in my favorites?
* Bloggy identity crisis

I got an email the other day from The GoodBlogs. "Hi, it said, uhhh, are you okay? Your inbox is stacking up with messages. Why don't you go read your mail and save our server some space, eh?"


People sent me messages at The Good Blogs???

I quickly clicked over to check. Holy mercy: messages! One from the famous The Lovely Mrs. Davis herself.

"Hi," all the messages said, "You have a community...about reviewing books, music and art? We'd like to join."

Great scott. So I do. It sort of fell off my radar along with my own review blog---neglected geez louise how embarassing---back in January. I have been thinking I need to get back on the wagon with that and now I am motivated. I think.

So listen, if you'd like more link referrals to your blog (in which you regularly discuss and review the arts) or a review blog you have (not to be snobbish, but it needs to review books, music, art, that sort of thing) let me know. I'll add your URL in.

Also, after a dinosaur's age, I finally set up Technorati Favorites (thanks to J at Oh, The Joys who lit a fire under my rear). Okay, I am in the process of adding blogs. I also started using BlogRoll so my blogroll on the sidebar has changed, and is dynamic---will show Fresh! when one of you updates.

How cool is that! And I can go scan my favorite blogs in this main window. Quit laughing. I know you all knew this and set it up about 100 years ago. Some of us get electricity a little later out here in the boonies, okay!

So slowly but surely I am adding in people to my favorites---you comment and make sure I've got you on, okay? It requires a lot of concentration. LOL

I've also been sort of jonesing for a blog name change. When my husband created this blog he called it the artful flower. I know why he did that but boy did I not like that name. So I just changed it fast, having no idea the implications. Now that I feel more established, I'm thinking of changing to something more appropriate. Would you all hate me and unlink me?

I think people use my name more than the blog name, though. So I don't think a blog name change will make me too much of a stranger.

No, I don't have anything in mind. Yet.

Okay, I'm opening the floor to questions, discussion, and comments...

copyright 2007 Julie Pippert


Christine said…
I have to admit that I am so new to blogging that favorites, linking, blog rolls, etc., etc. are still a little scary to me. I just learned about a meme. Sad, I know. I just hop around visiting cool blogs, like yours, and hope that sometime someone will visit my little place on the web.

Any ideas about what you'd change the name to, if you did?
NotSoSage said…
Well, I was reminded at a conference this week that slow and steady does it, as far as Canadians are concerned, so if you're a 100 years behind the times, I'm probably 200. Sigh.

And I'll follow you wherever the heck you lead, woman. Do whatcha gotta do.
thailandchani said…
Christine, be sure to link your site to your account name. That way, we can click over and see what you have to say. :)


Julie, I really *like* "the artfulflower".... and can't imagine it changing but... you know I'll link you, wherever you choose to go!

I've thought of changing my blog name, too... but Thailand Voice would probably throw me off the blogroll and no one would find me ever, ever, again. LOL


Girlplustwo said…
a contest, this sounds like a contest.

the rename julie's blog contest.
S said…
it's 'the ravin' picture maven' you'd want to change, or 'artful flower'?

i'm so confused.
Christine said…
Chani--For some reason when i click on my name here it doesn't lead to my blog, profile etc. It works other places, so not sure what is up. Try:
Unknown said…
I'm trapped behind a capricious firewall until July and can't get on good blogs, but I did just find you on for my blogroll, I think it's weeping in a corner from neglect. Time to clean house, only I should be focusing my efforts on our upcoming irl move. Change your blog name if you want....we'll find you!
Lawyer Mama said…
I can't keep up with all the gidgets, gadgets - I mean widgets. Whatever the heck they're called! Don't feel bad.
Julie Pippert said…
Christine, you are so much smarter than I was as an early blogger. I thought, "If you build it, they will come."

Bwahahaha I had no idea it was a *community* and I had to go meet people LOL. Luckily I finally distinguished my rear from my elbow and I'm glad I did. Lots of cool stuff in this community. Including you, of course.

I have no ideas...well, okay, this has come up because over the last few weeks several times I've thought of something and thought, "Huh, that'd be a cool blog name." (But I don't recall any of those.)

I finally got, huh, maybe I'm not so keen on my blog's name. Or maybe I am. I don't know.

I'm like this.

I also spent 25 years wondering whether I ought to legally change my name to something other than Julie (a real misnomer if there ever was one).

You see where that went. LOL


LOL Sage, 200 years behind. Sure, right, uh huh. ;) You have Library Thing. I'm---alleged bibliophile that I am---just now getting started with that.

I won't change or move my URL (no plans to anyway)...just the name at the top of my blog, the banner area. That's confusing anyway, the motto bigger than the name.


Chani, the "name" doesn't matter for links and so forth, just the URL. I won't change that. so artfulflower will still show up. But thanks for liking it. It's my photography/art business.


Jen, a contest would be fun, but I couldn't promise to use the winner LOL. I'm not even sure what i want to do here. LOL It'd be an interesting exercise, anyway, to see what you guys think would be a cool name for my blog.

Talks Much Woman
Neither Fish nor Fowl
Much Ado About Nothing



SM, this is redundant but i wanted to answer all the same. Not the URL, just the "ravin' picture maven" part...especially how that name is the smallest part of my banner LOL. Maybe that's a tell.


Christine, I can link to your profile and see your blog. That's how I found you. Blogger has been wonky for a while on this one thing...can't seem to click on the name if it is first comment. Weird.


Karen, blog stuff can be such a nice distraction from stuff like moving houses. ;) But I knwo what you mean.

I do have to say, I like this: "trapped behind a capricious firewall." It has the same beat and measure as "I've fallen and I can't get up."

I just want to reach out a hand to you. LOL


LM, Yeah there's so much, and all this competition, and all this work to set up, then it all changes and oy. Oh well, I took the plunge!
Aliki2006 said…
I was thrilled when I discovered blogrolling...I'm still a novice to lots of all this. I'd love to revamp my banner, for instance (I think) but am not sure how. It is fun to figure it all out, though!
Technorati favorites? I had no idea. I'm so technologically stupid.

Change your name, your addy, whatever...just be sure to tell me where you're going.
Magpie said…
I am scratching my head with confusion - I confess that I have virtually no idea what you're talking about! Except that you want to change the blog's name...
Unknown said…
Personally, I love the Ravin' Picture Maven... so I'll have to think about whether or not I have any suggestions.

So, how do I get to this good blogs book community and what does it entail?

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