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Let me let you in on a recommendation for Saturday

It's not a secret that I'm a fan of Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I've been happily enjoying their new album, All the Love You Need, pretty much every day. You can download it for free or pay $5 for for it. It's a pretty awesome album, so consider paying. :)

It's free because Big Head Todd and the Monsters, who were at the forefront of using the Internet to share music, believe art should be free and available. As a poor "artist," I'm both on board and railing against that notion. In a different post, I'll explain why.

This post is a recommendation of that album, specifically by sampling two of the songs I like best off of it.

The first song is All the Love You Need. Of course I hope all of you enjoy the song.

All the Love You Need
Diamonds are forever, but people are like little flowers
Diamonds are forever, but people are like little flowers
Growing in the crash of the loud traffic noise of desperate western relationships
Past life regressions, romantic depressions, and midnight walks down repeating
You killed me with the truth of my relationship ever since you sunk my battleship
This is the story of the whole world yeah everyone
Where we came from
Trying to get some,
Shika dow shika dow dow…

She took my hand and said to me
"Let me let you in on a secret
You’ve already got all the love you're needing
In your heart, in your mind, in your imagination
You’ve already got all the love you need yeah"

We wanted each other so bad we wanted to possess
we wanted success in the area of undress
we wanted to own; we were so tired of renting
we wanted to attack; we were so tired of defending
of moving on the motorcycle of life,
without a seatbelt, without a tale on a kite

Diamonds are forever, people are more like little flowers
Diamonds are forever, people are more like little flowers
More like September, October, November, December
More like the minutes to the hour, like the letter to the sender
More like the money to the lender
I can’t get enough, I can’t pay enough
Don’t mess with my conditional reality
Reward and punishment mentality
I need you you need me
I want you, you want me
I wound you, you wound me

She took my hand and said to me
Let me let you in on a secret
You’ve already got all the love your needing
In your heart, in your mind, in your imagination
You’ve already got all the love you need yeah
Hey yeah,
Already got all the love you needed
In your heart in your mind in your imagination
Already got all the love you needin’

If the lyrics don't get to you, hopefully the song with the lyrics will. The story is interesting and engaging, but the message in the chorus is what really appeals to me (as does the tune).

The second song is Blue Sky, which I've heard two rumors about.

One is that Clinton is adding it as a theme song to her campaign. This shows that she or someone on her campaign is way cooler than they are letting on. I say dropping Celine is a good decision in any case, but replacing her with BHTM? Excellent decision-making skills.

The second rumor I've heard is that it's the theme song for NASA's shuttle program, the last flights.

The end of the shuttle program is a bittersweet thing here. Many of my good friends are rocket scientists (you should see the average IQ of my town...we could just rename this place "Eureka.") and quite a few are directly involved with this program. Most of them are already being transitioned.

So, the song.

Blue Sky
We’ve waited long - for this day to come
For all the midnight lights we’ve burnt into the morning sun
I can’t wait to see your sweet mysteries
The stars, the sun, the universe, the galaxies
Fly home on your silver wings
With a new song for the world to sing
Light this candle, make it right

Yes you can change the world
True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
Oh yes you can change the world
There is no other one just
See if you can find blue sky
Gonna chase the dream, gonna set it free
Gonna make it real, gonna make it shine, gonna keep it grooving on

One small stepping stone
Baby we’re not alone
Gonna take you further, higher, faster then your out a sight
You’ve got my flame in your fire
You’ve got my twinkle in your eye,
Reaching for the distant light

Yes you can change the world
True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
Oh yes you can change the world
There is no other one just
See if you can find blue sky
Don’t Change to late, hey, yeah yeah
Or Fade away, hey , yeah yeah,
My stars won’t wait
Oh yes you can change the world
True love discovers. When she stands and she wont back down.
There is no other one
Believe and you will find blue sky

This song is so hopeful and honest. It gets me every time. There's a message here about being active that so nicely contrasts to the more mainstream and popular John Mayer song. I like that. A lot.

Later on...I'm off to the big bash Mama Drama Con Queso II today, so forgive my absence. I promise to return with pictures. Also, last night the hubs and I got gussied up in black tie formal wear for a gala. I might have stories and photos from that, too, if I can get sign-off. :)

Have a great day, and please feel free to leave your thoughts about this music and any you'd like to suggest.

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Suz said…
I've never heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, but really, what's not to like about the name? I'll check out their music later today.
SciFi Dad said…
I first encountered BHTM on the Led Zeppelin tribute Encomium. Haven't heard much from them up here, but I like these tracks.

Thanks for sharing them.
Anonymous said…
Oh, thank you, thank you. I love them. I KNEW we are meant to be friends! Saw them ~so~ many years ago in Washington, DC when I was in school. Brings back so many great memories. Smiles and hugs- EE
Gina Pintar said…
Disappointed in BH&M. I LOVED the lyrics but did not at all care for the guys voice or the music. I was so hopeful too for some new music.

Hope you are having a great time at that get together!
Gah! I had no idea they had released a new album. Thanks lady.
Kat said…
I love Big Head Todd. I have them on my songlist on my blog now. Loves them. :)
ALM said…
Downloaded the album - listening to it now! I love it!!
Terri B. said…
Oooo ... I love Big Head Todd! I can still recall the first time I heard it ... at a coffee house in Colorado. I practically leaped across the counter and grabbed the guy there by the collar to make him pull the CD out of the player and tell me who it was. Been a fan ever since :o)

Also checked out your reading list. Ann Patchett is one of my absolutely favorite authors. I still haven't read her newest.
Magpie said…
Never before heard of them, but thanks for the tip!
dharmamama said…
I had the same reaction as Terri B when I first heard them...and it was at a coffeehouse. I haven't listened to them lately - thanks for the reminder!

I love this song by Christine Kane - it's very hopeful, it makes me happy to listen to it. (I also love her blog) or if that doesn't work.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I were just wondering on Saturday night if BHTM were still around. I can't wait to tell him.
Anonymous said…
I'm coming to this late, but I thought I owed it to you to point out the video for an earlier version of "Blue Sky" using NASA footage.

Todd Park Mohr wrote the song as the first post-Columbia launch was approaching. It was also the first mission commanded by a woman, Eileen Collins.

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