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Inspirational, Motivational --- the Hump Day for May 28, 2008 guys are going to share something from the Blogosphere or Internet that inspired you and tell us where it lead you next...

I can't wait.

Seriously...I am really so looking forward to your stories.

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Anonymous said…
I'll probably have two for you today--the one I wrote on Monday (because I think it fits) and I'll see if I can come up with something a little more profound later today.
Anonymous said…
I actually woke up first thing and wrote the post. No coffee either!
Anonymous said…
Not sure how inspiring or informational but it's up.
Kyla said…
I'm going to do this...but later today. I have a WW up, but I'll be adding my link here a little later in the day for my Hmmm.
Florinda said…
This was actually a fun one to write - a little way of thanking some of the folks I spend time with online, and letting them know that they've made an impact.
Robert said…
I think I may add the one from Monday, though it's not about bloggers. The topic is in line, though.
Maddy said…
Oops I should have linked that specifically to the Alex Barton story. I should be particularly interested to hear your views.
Mad said…
...and on the topic of inspiration Julie, thank you for hour hmmmms and all other thinks as well. (Catch the Freudian typo?)
Mayberry said…
OK, mine is sort of lightweight, but it's something I'd been wanting to talk about anyway.
Anonymous said…
Mine's Up! I'm new to this site here, but I really loved the question. Thanks for this opportunity!
flutter said…
mine would seriously be a copy of Mad's.

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