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The winner of the drawing!

My extremely cute and talented assistant, Persistence, drew the name for me.

In case you can't read it, it's Stephanie!

Congratulations, Stephanie! Stephanie's post for the Hump Day Hmm grabbed me from the get-go when it began with a quote from The West Wing.

By the way, for reasons I cannot disclose, I happened to have Regis and Kelly on the other morning. To the guy who did not know Josh Lyman's name? Four words: Buy it on DVD.

Also, for more reasons I cannot disclose, I admit to possibly being the only person in the US who did not want Josh and Donna to get it on together. I thought Josh was a mess, and Donna needed a pulled together guy. Yes, I was emotionally invested.

Wow, I really miss that show.

Dear TV Executives, I would actually tune in and watch your stations if you had ANY show on that was not crime or hospital based. I miss The Cosby Show. I miss The West Wing. I really miss Keen Eddie. Twin Peaks---I hear the funky weird supernatural is really popular right now. And yes, I miss Star Trek--The Next Generation. By the way, the Parker Posey show sucks rocks and I cannot express my massive disappointment about that. I don't know what happened to comedy but I fear the funny has been hoovered right out of Hollywood. Also, I'd like to know which publisher pays enough for a book editor to live in a multi-million dollar loft in Manhattan; my publishing friends are also clamoring to know. Basically the book editors I know are pinching pennies to cover the cost of new socks and milk, which pretty much takes the entire paycheck. Sincerely, a former TV Junkie who now gives her dollars to Barnes and Noble.

Now, a question for Stephanie: clowns or humor in your book?

Drop an email when you get a chance: j pippert at g mail dot com.

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S said…
Congratulations, Stephanie!

And Julie, a factoid. Aaron Sorkin (lead writer for West Wing) went to my high school.

Woo hoo!

I loved that show too. At least at the beginning, before Sorkin stopped writing for it.
Dear TV Executives,

We really could use some more reality and/or gameshow TV, because on any given night there are still two full 1/2 hours that are not yet occupied by dysfunctional celebrity families, opportunities to embarrass yourself for money, or situations where you can vote somebody off into the 15 minute hall of fame forever.

I believe this is a serious gap in your programming schedule and an important oversight on your part.

Thank you for your consideration.
Anonymous said…
Parker Posey/Jezebel James? Is that what you're talking about? I was so plunged into despair after the cancellation of Gilmore Girls that I've been way more excited about the new show that I probably should have been. did suck rocks.
Yolanda said…
Oh god. We waited months...months(!) watch the final season of The West Wing on my TiVo. I just couldn't bare watching the end. I didn't want it to be over. We did the same thing with Six Feet Under. I don't fall for a lot of shows (no love for Grey's Anatomy, Seinfeld, Friends, or American Idol). But when I fall, I fall hard.
Florinda said…
I was kind of ambivalent about Josh and Donna together as well - after the first few seasons, I really thought she deserved better.

This political season has made me think a lot about pulling out my West Wing DVDs and watching them all straight through again.
My daughter has that dress!!
le35 said…
Congrats to Stephanie,

Julie, I'm sorry, but it must be the Criminal Justice major in me, but I LOVE Law and Order and Numb3rs. I'm a solve the crime TV girl. (Although, as a whole, I'm not a TV girl.) And I'm becoming a bit of a Supernanny and Nanny 911 junkie. It's driving Rob crazy.
we_be_toys said…
Hard to miss the extreme excitement on your lovely assistant's face -

"Oh mother, do I HAVE to?"

I have to agree with you about the plethora of hospital and cop shows - Snooze Central.

We've been watching "Ugly Betty", "Reaper", "The Office", and "The Big Bang Theory" this past season and not one of them has cops or a hospital in them. Yes, they are comedies, but after wrestling with two boys and life in general, I just want a "Goldie Hawnie, Chevy Chasey kind of thing" - Kathy Najimy in The Fisher King.
Christine said…
i guessed i missed some contests when i was "vacationing!" LOL

hey--aren't you excited about So You think You can dance?

Sorry I haven't been around--i'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. hopefully.
painted maypole said…
i loved WW too, and rejoiced when Studio 60 started, and mourned when it ended
Karen Jensen said…
Yes. And I really liked Pushing Daisies, which only lasted until the writer's strike. A little bit of good writing on a tv show goes a long way.

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