Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Perfect posts---how women use their words powerfully and wonderfully for the good

Suburban Turmoil and Petroville host the Perfect Post awards every month. Jenny and Mindy host Blog Share Sundays every week. Although I am often way too self-involved to think my way out of my own often overwhelming life's paper bag, this past month and week I did manage to do so. :)

Moms Speak Up contributor Lisa spoke to my raison d'etre with her post, The Power of Language: Use It To Make Change. So I nominated it for a Perfect Post award.

Then, at my disturbed-about-the-issue-desiring-teacher-POV request, Ann Bibby wrote, "Voting a Student Off the Island: What Happened in Florida?" and I thought that was worthy of a Blog Share.

Slouching Mom also wrote so movingly about the cautious child in her post, "The Cost of Caution," and I had to put that up for a Blog Share too.

You guys get a badge too!


And last but not at all least, I was awed when Chani wrote in her Sacred Life Sunday about Perspective.

Cani, I haven't got a badge so hopefully verbal props will do. :)

Awesome posts, everyone, and if you haven't read these I encourage you to do so.

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thailandchani said...

Thank you, Julie. :) I'm glad you liked it.

we_be_toys said...

I love my girl Chani! She always makes me think.

slouching mom said...

thanks, julie. you're a love.

Anonymous said...


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You. are. awesome.