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Post-Hurricane Ike Update (Photo Edition) (Bay Area)

Soon, I will have a story with words. But for now...a few photos and links to what we knew a of yesterday when we went back to our neighborhod to check on the house.

The area is getting hit with more rain and has flash flood warnings now, and news is of course making it sound really dire but I'm hoping it's just a case of newsodrama.

In short, it's a good news/bad news situation. Bottom line: we fared okay and have not suffered any major losses personally.

I'll leave it at that because you're probably going to get to hear plenty of whining from me about the financial hit this is going to be.

Here are the photos:

Trying to get back to our town:

Hmm, boats in the hotel parking lot...

This used to be a really nice park across from our neighborhood. Park and large parking lot covered. Water up to the roofs of the pavilions.



Water receded off the road, thankfully:

In our neighborhood---and YES this is the very neighborhood the CNN reporter drove through and filmed and that was featured on CNN's post-Ike coverage. Our neighborhood was as far as we could go yesterday, because right past us they had road blocks. While we were there, the sheriffs arrived and started kicking out gawkers, filmers, gougers, and potential looters. Everyone there had to show ID to prove residence or leave.



The end of our street and what used to be a street, park and playground in our neighborhood (at the end of our street). The hut (out in the middle of the water) is usually on land. It's our scout hut and it's probably on about 12 ft stilts. I think our Daisy Scout meetings are going to be postponed...





Our backyard before and after:




preTzel said…
You've been in my thoughts Julie and I'm so glad that you and your family are safe. I'm sorry you got hit so hard and I hope things can get back to normal, whatever that may be, as soon as possible. (((hugs)))
Unknown said…
oh Julie glad things are okay as they are, but still so sorry. This is going to be a hit. My mind tracks just that way. Still thinking of you guys.
S said…
love you, babe.

my thoughts are with you as you assess the situation.
the dragonfly said…
Oh wow...I'm glad you and your family are okay...

thinking of you..
Annie said…
What a rough sight to come back to? Glad you are safe, and 'fared okay'- keep us posted.
Well, those photos sure are sobering. I'm glad you "fared okay" but feel for you and all the assessing & clean-up (not to mention $) that comes next.
Wow, what a mess! So glad you and the family are ok! :-)
~TigereyeSal~ said…
I'm sorry for the losses and mess, Julie, and I wish you strength and patience as you clean up and rebuild.


Mayberry said…
Tough stuff, Julie -- hang in there.
Anonymous said…
Oh, man, Julie. That's quite a mess. I'm glad you & family are okay, and hope that the tree didn't damage the house. Take care, and keep us updated. Hugs, Kate
Magpie said…
I'm glad you're okay. Thanks for the update.
painted maypole said…
looks like your house didn't flood, though? that's good news!

it looks all too familiar. It's a hard road. Prayers...
Anonymous said…
Whine away when the urge strikes. It is better than being stoic or saintly - which you actually don't get any real credit for anyway.

Glad to hear that there wasn't any major personal loss.
Here's hoping it doesn't cost as much as you think it will to fix everything!

It doesn't look like you have flood damage....I HOPE I am seeing that right!
Anonymous said…
Oh Julie,
These pictures are heartbreaking and brings perspective.

We had a little flooding in our basement due the remnants of Ike, but seriously as I was cleaning I thought of you and others in TX who will be facing much longer cleaning up time.

In my thoughts and prayers.
flutter said…
I am just so glad you are ok. Just so glad
SciFi Dad said…
OK, so the yard looks pretty rough, but unless I missed something, you didn't mention how the house and its contents fared?

I'm glad you are all OK, and I hope the damage is minimal.
Anonymous said…
Every reference to your area had me sitting up straight. Wondering and hoping that the damage to your neighborhood was a minimal as could be. Here's hoping the lights come on soon.
Melissa said…
Wow! But it looks like you didn't take on any water, so that's huge. I just showed these to my dad (who is still here) and he's really encouraged as to what he's going to find when he goes home tomorrow.

Glad to hear you guys are safe! Now the real fun begins...
Anonymous said…
Oh, no, not another tree.

So glad that (it looks like) your house is not flood damaged.

Glad you are safe.
MommyTime said…
Oh, Julie, I'm so glad you and your family are safe. I've been worrying about you this weekend. I know this is overwhelming, but I hope that it is not devastating. It looks like you may not have lost all, for which I am thankful. And I wish you all the best for speedy reclamation. Thinking of you.
kirida said…
Thank you for updating us, Julie. I hope your house was not damaged and that you and your family stay safe.
crazymumma said…
I was you tubing the storm constantly and it was so ferocious. i am so happy you are all okay.
Unknown said…
From the outside, it is hard to tell what got inside... I know you'll update us when you can.

I'm glad that--in relative terms--you did okay. I hope that the aftermath of costs and paperwork and headache is not as bad as anticipated.

Also, please feel free to whine and vent away. Sometimes you just gotta do it.
ACK! Oh boy...I'm so sorry.

It seems like this happened all too recently to be happening again.

But remember those stalks of corn that grew in your yard? Hopefully, after the long road ahead, there will be another moment to wonder at it all from a place of complete safety and back-to-normalness.

You are amazing people, Julie. I know you don't want to have to be, but your are anyway. Many hugs and many chainsaws to start clearing trees.
jeanie said…
Oh my - no frivolous comments from me today because those downed trees brook no frivolity.

Good luck on the road back to normal.
Anonymous said…
So, it looks like the house didn't flood?! Oh, I hope that is true!
Anonymous said…
Julie, I am so glad you and your family are OK! I am so sorry for all your troubles and the damage to your neighborhood and property. Thinking of you and wishing you the best as you put your life back together again!
Sukhaloka said…
So glad you're safe.. this looks devastating :(
Robert said…
Help will be on the way soon. I know I worked with men from Beaumont, TX, after Katrina, and others from Houston. There will certainly be a big response to that area in the coming weeks.

Glad to hear none of your family was hurt.
Robert said…
Help will be on the way soon. I know I worked with men from Beaumont, TX, after Katrina, and others from Houston. There will certainly be a big response to that area in the coming weeks.

Glad to hear none of your family was hurt.
Robert said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting the pictures up. I'm getting my camera hooked online as well to put some more up. It was a tragic affair. I am glad it ended well for you.
Crap on a crap cracker, chica. Let me know if I can help.
Angela said…
I'm glad there was some good news in all of this. Hang in there, our thoughts are with you.
Anonymous said…
I've beent hinking about you. glad to hear you're ok.
Oh, Julie! That before and after is just stunning! :(

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