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So sayeth the iPod---on the upcoming elections and recent politics and events (including the DNC & RNC)

Music can be oh-so-inspirational, can't it?

Last week the DNC was labeled a rock concert, and certainly music was blasting in a lot of places. You all know I'm a die-hard Big Head Todd fan but even I was a little sick of Blue Sky after trailing Hillary for days.

And so today, as I was biking and desperately reaching for the way to ease myself out of Denver and back into this blog space, I was inspired by music on my iPod. It occured to me that the candidates have their public face songs, but behind closed doors, perhaps they have secret favorites that appeal a little more to that inner seventh grader we all have. Thus...insight into today's political candidates via the iPod. (Also, before you ask, YES every one of these songs is on my iPod.)

John McCain and George Bush have been on the outs lately and so I give them...Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes. I know these two have a hard-won relationship, and I like to see that sort succeed---who doesn't love a romance that overcame adversity (the 2000 election) and started with a lot of denial and tension? Come on, our favorites shows and movies are all built on this. So, while, as with so many relationships, things have probably gotten a little stale like a worn out recording of your favorite song, John, I bet George still likes pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Go on, meet him at O'Malley's and you'll see you're still a fit. He's also not really into yoga, either, and stop me before I hit the line about half a brain. ;)

Crazy by Gnarls Barkley pretty well describes last week, in fact. The DNC.

"I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind." I'm pretty sure it was Tuesday, maybe by noon. That would be the point I started joking with Congressional candidate Tracey Brooks (NY 21st congressional district) that she was following me. (She wasn't, we were just on the exact same track for Women's Equality Day.)

It's the thing that enabled me to offer to go on camera, makeup melted off 8 hours earlier, hair on end, not even chapstick to my name and interview the fabulous Jeanne Shaheen with ace videographer Katy Chen of BlogHer.

Just before that is the point I realized I'd been trailing Hillary long enough to realize just how brilliant a speaker she can be---I swear she memorizes bullet points and fills in the blanks appropriately to each audience. I also realized I had her bullet points memorized myself and could guess fairly accurately how long she would talk from any given point.

That would be when I was hanging backstage, watching from behind the speakers the very thing all of you were watching on television. You know that light-headed surreal feeling you can get, when your stomach pinches and you realize just where you are and what you are doing? I let myself feel that for two whole minutes while Hillary finished her speech.

There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space
And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much
Does that make me crazy?

Gnarls sings, "And I hope that you are having the time of your life."

Oh I did.

Which might be the very antithesis of the time Sarah Palin is having right now. So for her, I give Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray. "I never knew I never knew that everything was falling through/That everyone I knew was waiting on a cue/To turn and run when all I needed was the truth/But that's how it's got to be/It's coming down to nothing more than apathy/I'd rather run the other way than stay and see/The smoke and who's still standing when it clears/ Everyone knows I'm in Over my head. . ."

With a classic rock style crash, the music ended and shifted to something a little more San Francisco Art Gallery, Cibo Matto's Sugar Water. Without question, this song goes straight to the divine Mr. Gavin Newsom, current mayor of San Francisco and no doubt soon to be launching his plan for world domination. You've got my vote, Mr. Mayor, just as soon as you go national. Your party was fab and I don't just say this because you had the best party favor (no, no euphemism---it was an art poster of Barack Obama). I say it because it smelled like Governor in there to me, and I wish you all the luck on your next step. We should all take a page from your book.

Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band to the fabulous MOMocrats, who know how to get down---including line dancing to hip hop. None to Matt Lockshin, despite his Most Favored Dem Boy status, after he abdicated his wingman duties at the People's Party.

Time to go ska with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Impression That I Get. I dedicate this one to the ongoing RNC. Boy, what a test, and we'll see how you pass. Maybe you guys can knock on wood.

If necessary, I'll send some Keb' Mo' if you all start feel that flat broke and busted, All Crapped Out Again feeling. Hang on tight to that end of the rope, and if you need, call the Pope.

Oh Joe Biden, what shall it be for you? When your son Beau spoke, I heard Ingrid Michaleson crooning Keep Breathing. Of all speakers, he made me have to think and consciously fill my lungs. I was that moved, that locked onto his message. He is powerful, your son. Look at the son and know the father. You kept your family breathing, Joe. Perhaps this is your song too, but I want second one, added to the end---Moon and Sun by Gomez. Yeah, you and Obama feel good together. An...yeah, we all move on.

Michelle Malkin, I'm really sorry you got attacked, that's rotten, but girlfriend, you know who Bell Biv DeVoe were talking about in Poison...? I can't name the song for Ann Coulter. This is a family blog...

Bella Maria De Mi Alma by Los Lobos for Barack and Michelle. I'd love to see you two sway to this song, seriously you two sing it in public, very believably, but I'm going to kick it up a notch, and not to Stevie (although so help me, I can never get tired of Signed Sealed and Delivered, nor can I stop singing I Wish) but over to more from the far south and Amor Verdandero because although I saw you restrain yourself with funk, I am sure you could and would really kick it powerfully in a merengue. Plus, while everyone else is reeling over how Presidential you looked on the dance floor, the fact that the music is by the Afro-Cuban All Stars can give the GOP a sliver to chew on (squawk squawk about Cuba) and isn't it just pure kindness to throw a bone? Even a hollow one that leaves splinters? (That's why I chose that song over Tito Puente's Ran Kan Kan.)

And for the patient and kind readers here, I leave you with

Copyright 2008 Julie Pippert. Do not reprint or reproduce without permission.
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(I hope you all know I am cutting myself off here because I could seriously go on and on, you know, sorta like Earth Wind and Fire...)

Copyright 2008 Julie Pippert. Do not reprint or reproduce without permission. Also blogging at: Julie Pippert REVIEWS: Get a real opinion about BOOKS, MUSIC and MORE Julie Pippert RECOMMENDS: A real opinion about HELPFUL and TIME-SAVING products Moms Speak Up: Talking about the environment, dangerous imports, health care, food safety, media and marketing, education, politics and many other hot topics of concern. MOMocrats


Melissa said…
Hey! Nice to see you back! Glad you had a fabulous time. Am jealous!

And I have something for you over at my place, when you get the chance...;)
Anonymous said…
September is an awesome song.
Florinda said…
OK, now I have to go looking for a few tracks on iTunes - thanks, I think :-).
I like the way you put that soundtrack together.

That Los Lobos song is "Beautiful Maria of My Soul" (in Spanish - sometimes I do remember some of my high-school vocabulary) from The Mambo Kings, isn't it? Never saw the movie, but I did read the book, and always wondered what the song would sound like.
Oh those outfits! That video had me singing right along. Thankfully, I'm alone.
Unknown said…
I can't believe all this work this must have been! I'm impressed Julie!
Emily said…
Very creative to put together a DNC soundtrack.

Although, Earth Wind and Fire give me road rage.
Backpacking Dad said…
Neil Young needed to be on that list somewhere....but those choices were pretty awesome.
Glad to see you back...though you know I don't agree with lots of these.

I'd probably have given Obama "Rockstar" by Nickleback.

"I'll have the quesadilla"
Anonymous said…
Sooooo glad I'm not the only person with a fond, fond memory of Earth, Wind & Fire. If you only knew how many of their songs are on my iPod....
Cynthia Samuels said…
This is just fabulous. I blog about music and politics often (actually did a "soundtrack" post last week) but I clearly have a LOT of catching up to do - I think the most modern thing on my iPod is Green Day -- I tend more toward the Springsteen-Patti Smith era -- (blush.) You've given me a huge leg-up on the up-date PLUS it's great to find a sister DNC blogger with music on her mind!
Ha! these are just awesome. I can think of a few songs for Ann Coulter too, but I won't burden your blog with that kind of profanity or negativity.
atypical said…
I know I haven't been able to comment much of late (or not so late), but I wanted to send you many non hurricaney thoughts...

Emily said…
Hoping all is well with you in the path of Ike.

Thinking of you...

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