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My Very Eclectic Most Useful and Best of the Web 2009 (with initial caps)

I see some well-known online magazine sorts of blogs/sites have put up their annual lists of best/most popular bloggers and I see it is the same old names as always, ho hum. I'm put in mind of high school where every year we held voting for Most This and Best That and Miss This and Mr That. Some of the Mosts and Bests were people I liked, and believed should get recognition, but, of course, they weren't all of it. Anyway, I've got authority issues and never take well to The Man (whoever or whatever that may be) telling me who is Most or Best. I always spy on my friends on Twitter, Facebook, or their blogs to see who they quote, link or read. That's who I figure is a good shot at being a most or best for me.

Yes, I'm that person -- the one who is influenced by her friends, versus another source.

Also, I have a broad range of online interests. Web love is a many genre'd thing.

Anyway, I decided to put out my own recs, and solicit yours, in no particular order (hence the unordered list):
  • Real Simple online. Suffice it to say, the answers to everything in life are here. If you can't find the answer you seek, they have great recipes, including for cocktails, which, I'm sure at the very least buy time to find the answer.
  • PR Squared, suggested by local buddy @briguyblock. You know those PR and social media/online marketing sites that are grasping or self-aggrandizing -- "Read ME, I'm an expert, and I can make you rich QUICK! if you follow my simple rules," -- well, this blog is not that. It's actual good, no, great, info. It's mature and a fabulous resource for anyone trying to build a brand (especially their own).
  • Communication Overtones. My friend Kami hasn't written enough there lately (no pressure) but when she does, it is oh-so-relevant and enlightening. Kami's The PR Pro, and that's not just a business name.
  • Greeblemonkey. Parenting. Photography. Technology. Music. Aimee Giese rocks. She's funny and real, takes great photos, and gives great post. I may have read her end of year iPhone app recap post, err, six times. And maybe spent money on her rec.
  • MOMocrats. Of course. Keen information about and insight into current events and politics that affect women from some of the best writers and minds. (Note no qualifier about "on the Web" because that is the least of what these women do.")
  • Everyone who knows me knows that I have a huge mom-advice crush on Devra of Parentopia and Rosalind Wiseman, both of whom continue to patiently dole out excellent advice about real, honest, successful, no-guilt, good enough parenting to help girls navigate this tough world. Recently, I added Rachel Simmons and Melissa Stanton to that list because they are fantastic. Melissa's a great lady, I like her. Check her Stay-At-Home Survival Guide and Real Life Support for Moms.
  • and Savvy Source, both of which offer, hands-down, the best opportunity for community on the Net. They are quite, quite different, which is why I love both and find each fulfills a different need in me. Savvy is local -- my area, and has great info about schools etc. as well as wonderful local and regional talk. I've met some great Texans. is broader geographically, but just as close as a tight-knit small town -- also, I can talk parenting, recipes, and Mad Men there. There's a lot of good people at both.
  • Speaking of Mad Men, there's my friend Becky, who talks about so much more but if my favorite fan to converse with about the show. Speaking of friends, there's my friend Kat, who may or may not blog more recently than October, but is always up for good twitversation. And my friend Yolanda, who is, thankfully, writing on her blog again -- she's lovely.
  • My friend Noelle says you better be reading Crazy Bloggin Canuck. After a peruse, I agree. On her behalf, I say read her, too. :)
  • Then there's Blog Nosh, which is awesome and so deliciously meta. I so rely on the kindness of meta these days.
  • And Deb. Who Rox. And who suggests Liza Was Here, LesbianDad, Mombian, Autostraddle, Kathryn Martini, Begayaboutgirl, Cream Puff Revolution, Seeking Simone, Lelonopo, and Dorothy Snarker of Dorothy Surrenders.
  • Speaking of rocks out loud, Maggie Dammit and her Violence Unsilenced.
  • Long-term bloggers who I still read for very good reason (and who still read me -- thank you!): Mayberry Mom who also writes Family Fitness, Mary of Them's My Sentiments, Jeanie in Paradise, Bon of Crib Chronicles, Ed of etee, Maggalicious of Magpie Musing,and last but not least Annie.
  • Oh love Mamma Loves. Slouching Past 40. Simply beautiful writing. Always. With sharp, sometimes pained, sometimes gorgeous, insights.
  • And Fem 2.0 including the women behind it and the conveners (see blog roll on sidebar).
  • Melisa is fun. Fun! And overall lovely.
  • Robin of Pensieve I met during Tide Loads of Hope, which automatically qualifies her as a great person. But it goes beyond that.

Tell me who, what, where you like to read. Even if it's yourself.



melissa said…
dang, missed my chance to get myself on a list. sigh. is a pretty freaking awesome blog, if i do say so myself. but then again, i'm not too proud to toot my own horn!
Erika said…
Thanks for the link via Deb on the Rocks!

I tweeted you three awesome blogs...

Maggie, Dammit said…
Sweet Salty Kate! Sweet Salty Kate!

(and, awwwwww, thank you!)
Mayberry said…
Mwah!!! Thank you for the links and the most excellent company.
MARY G said…
Thanks so much for the mention! I would send you a snowball, but......

Mad's site for childrens' books rocks. Mousetraps and the Moon.
jeanie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
jeanie said…
I'll try that again.

Thanks for the nod.

My must checks on a regular basis are Deb at Life's Funny Like That and Bush Babe at Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) (not just because she is my sister) - and whenever there is a post, I have to check Julie Pippert: Using My Words - but I figure you do too!!
S said…
You just made my day. Thank you.

I really like Jenn of Breed 'Em and Weep.

And you. I like you. :)
Yolanda said…
Gosh. Now I'm all embarrassed. And stuff. You're too kind to include me on this list.
Ed T. said…
Awww, thank you so much. *blushes* And yes, I still read you. Sometimes, even before TheBloggess.

Magpie said…
You are the awesome.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I appreciate the mention and am humbled by the company and the fact that you included me.

Of course, I read you. You are like my blogging guru. I have and continue to learn from you.
Kat said…
Wow, thanks for the mention, Julie! I'm writing a blog post right now, I swear. It will hopefully be up tomorrow.

I see those lists every year and I have to admit they're kind of annoying. Yes, the same old names every time. And it reminds me of high school as well, which I detested. Anyway...

I love your blog and your tweets, and I hope you have time in the next couple of weekends now that the holidays are over to meet up for brunch.
Kami Huyse said…
I am totally working on being more prolific this year. Thanks for kicking me into gear.

1A said…
Mad Men! Yeah! ;)

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