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I went to NYC and all I got was...this amazing experience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a million (in no particular order other than this is how I want it):

I got to have lunch with the fabulous Magpie and see and learn in person right there all about what she does -- it's as awesome as you'd think:
I love that photo (above). It makes me warm, happy and remember how good it felt to be there, with my friend.

After lunch, I decided a 30 block Zen walk was in order. Maggie had told me about these bronze sculptures placed (and perched) around the city. I looked for them and saw a lot of them and other cool and beautiful things so I snapped photos crazily. I also kept grabbing other crazy photo snapping tourists and showing them the statues.

Because Amy is that cool, and because our Choose You ambassador Ellen Pompeo was on the show, we got to go to Jimmy Fallon show. That meant entering 30 Rock. That meant my poor friends had to deal with my constant 30 Rock references, as well as grabbing a page and forcing a photo (no, really, Mike was cool, but Amie was all concerned, "Why do I feel like I just walked into one of your fantasies?" Welcome to the island Amie!) So I touched everything I could, photo'd everything else, and then settled into AWESOME seats for the show, which included Ellen, but also Lea Michele (!!!!!!) and OK-GO (!!!!!!!!!!!). Both are even better in person than you'd expect. It was so fun. We laughed endlessly.

Dear Jimmy, don't let anyone see your warm up act Seth because he is even funnier than you! Love, Julie

The main purpose of the trip was Choose You, of course, the new choose health-prevention campaign from American Cancer Society. ACS generously treated us to the trip and it was worth it. I was pumped before but now I feel so plugged in and even more pumped. We had this incredible launch outside Walgreens (a sponsor) in Times Square. Amie and I even made it on a billboard where we swore to make good choices for our health. That's a for real serious commitment.

I have to say, with no prejudice, that our friend Amy stole the show with the Best Public Speech of the event.

But the real scene stealer was Taylor the NYPD dog, who barked her support of Choose You and gave me her business card (I kid not). She let me pet her and gave me a lick of love.

You can believe after a failed terrorist attack that Times Square was the safest place in the universe. The 10 billion NYPD (that we saw) assured us of that.

We also had this amazing Choose You luncheon at Saks 5th Avenue but Amie got the photos of that so I'll have to beg!

I love NY! It was so amazing -- Choose You, just fantastic!


Amanda said…
Amazing! Envious of the Maggie time :)
Adam and Julia said…
I love all of the pictures! I LOVE New York!! Glad you had fun!
Magpie said…
Oh lord, I look fat. I love your round-up though, and I loved having lunch with you!
Julie Pippert said…
Magalicious, what I see in that photo is someone who is comfortable and confident in a place she's really proud of and passionate about -- do you know how beautiful all of that is, how beautiful that is of you?

Adam and Julia, I love NY too!!

Amanda, what can I say that doesn't sound gloating LOL -- lunch and Maggie time was brilliant, NYC was brilliant, Choose You was brilliant, it was a brilliant couple of days with nice weather on top.
Amie Adams said…
Maggie I know how you feel. Why do I look possessed? Maybe because I'm about to make myself accountable for actually having to be healthy.

Julie, it was so amazing to be with you on that trip. I feel the same way about feeling so much more tied in now.

Maggie, I wish I could have made lunch. I was so disappointed, but work called.
Donna said…
Fabulous account of a fabulous trip! I can't think of two better people to be part of this project.

I would totally be making 30 Rock references with you :)
Julie Pippert said…
I am NOT going to be upset that two of my fave ladies in the WORLD, Maggie and Amie, do not think I took beautiful photos of them because I know on some level it is NOT all about ME, but I am having to dig DEEP people! ;) Okay big breath it's obvious I just love you guys and hope you love me despite my eye bags and running chatter stream. :)

Donna, seriously, I thought of you while there and thought, "OMG I wish Donna was here!" We would have ripped up that place lol. I know you would have been shouting, "AMY POEHLER and TINA FEY MEET YOUR FANS ON THE MEZZANINE" with me. And grabbing pages too.
Anonymous said…
Hey! OMG that's so amazing because I was at all the events to! I went to the Choose You event but unfortunately i was sitting outside since I couldn't go in! I saw you!! I also went to the Jimmy Fallon SHow! I was sitting on the bench so when OK Go was playing i had to go to the front maybe you saw me? I had a brace, curly hair, and capris! You couldn't have missed me! Also right before Ellen went into the event (while hair and stuff) I saw you right in front of Ellen Pompeo and i was taking a picture and saying how much i loved her and you giggled at me! Maybe you remember!
Emily McKhann said…
What a fantastic day, and great campaign!!! You DID the city in the best possible way - and for a good cause. So so cool!@@@
GottaLoveMom said…
I love NYC!..Oh I miss walking those blocks with my little guy!
You definitely had an awesome day, Julie...and the undie-cowboy guy is still roaming the streets of NYC :)
Great day, great Zenwalk, great purpose..
Amy@UWM said…
Another great post! Thanks so much for the compliments. I'm really not that cool -- I just have a really cool job! How the heck did I miss the dude in the underwear and boots??? You really had all the fun!
Magpie said…
I am comfortable and I do love my job. So there. But I'm doing the C25K for a reason!

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