Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am obsessed...I think about it all the time...I compose poems and essays about it in my head...

...and today, it grabbed my photography side as well.

It's the corn in my backyard.

The corn is this huge metaphor somehow for me. Out of that stinking Rita diasaster that followed the Katrina Catastrophe---the big tree falling and swamping our yard, nearly hitting our house, taking out half of our only big shade tree in the back, the horrid and traumatic evacuation, the big shuffle of furniture, the expense, and everything---comes this cornfield.

Somehow, the Hurricane winds picked up corn seed, planted them in a straight row in our backyard, and miraculously, they grew and such an unlikely place.

One ear is almost ripe.

I'm obsessed. It's like my own living totem pole or something.

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Prezzie said...

Even more pics! I love those pics Jules. They're gorgeous plants and even better with winter here to stay another 2 to 2 and 1/2 months in Iowa. Sweet corn is a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of Spring here and your pics make me salivate for Spring and sweet corn. :)

ginabeaner said...

Jersey corn! In Texas. You lucky girl. Enjoy it.