Sunday, April 09, 2006

In her her her words...

What does this face say to you?

Here's what this face, regularly, says to me:

Her: You're a mean girl.

Me: How so?

Her: You. Just. Are.

Me...raised eyebrows.

Her: A MEAN MEAN girl.

Me: Is this about the chocolate? Is this about me not letting you eat the chocolate for lunch?


Me: Or maybe it's the new toy. I said I was not going to go to the store and get a new toy for you today.

Her...jaw juts out, bottom lip hardens.

Me: Or maybe it's because I told you to clean up your toys.

Her: MEAN!

Me..arms waving: Someone call CPS, vicious mom, cruel parenting, abuse abuse! A mother making her child clean up her toys! Unheard of!

Her: It's too much for me. I'm too tired.

Me: Maybe we need to take away the toys, maybe you have too many. Point out the ones you want to keep and I'll put away the rest.

Her: Moooooooommmmmm, I don't like those words! You're a rude mean girl!

Me: Toys need to be put away.

Her: I a minute...I'm playing now.

Me: A minute ago you were too tired to clean up. You're too tired to clean, you're too tired to play.

Her: I. Don't. Like. Those. Words!!!!


Her: If you don't help me clean up then I will...I will...I will take away this toy now!

Me: Okay. Want me to take it away?



Her: NO! This is my toy! I can't play ever again. You said I can't play ever again.

Me: I said you need to clean up these toys here before going on to play something else.

Her...more of the same

Me: Clean. Up. Now.

Her...more arguing, bargaining, threatening.

Me: Clean. Up. Now.

And how does it end? With a garbage bag of toys, as usual.

I'm so looking forward to the teen years. Ought to be a lot of fun. Really.

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Momma Star said...

Here it's "Mommy, you are a BAD GUY. I like Daddy."


Julie Pippert said...

Yeah, love 'em.

Or else.