Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The ROFL Awards

I nominated someone for a ROFL Award.

For those who know me and most especially those who know her, it will come as no surprise whatsoever that I nominated Josette of Halushki fame. Specifically I nominated her A Series of Unfortunate Conversations post.

I was not quite aware of the entire process so I blogged about it a month early in my Ten Things I Hate About You post. Go ahead...click back...read...I'll wait right here...won't move...no worries.

There are strict criteria for this award. Let's walk through these and how Josette's post about the bats in her belfry meet them:

a) laughed out loud?


b) spit out your coffee?

Time for a new keyboard level spit out damage. But it was tea, maybe water with lime...most likely. Although, it could possibly have been a french vanilla frappuchino. I like my girly coffee.

c) chocked on your twizzlers?

It was a waste of a lovely candy but ‘tis true, I did.

d) fell off your chair?

Indeed, and have the bruise to prove it. Upper left thigh, wanna see?

To see the other nominees and awardees, go check out Mommy Off the Record and Izzymom, who are well-worth the read any day of the week anyway.

By Julie Pippert

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Mary-LUE said...

Shoot, I lost my comment, I think. Oh well, it was something along the lines of what great taste we both have to nominate the bat post at Halushki for the ROFL award.

She should get an award every month!

Julie Pippert said...

You have exquisite taste!

And she is hilarious!