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Bygones & Apologies in advance because there will be name dropping (and photos) (the BlogHer '08 recap post, part 1 of ?)

Okay so here is the ultimate irony: Me, aka Wordy Van Wordster, could not use my words due to having no voice. I went to BlogHer '08 with a bad case of the croup. In grownups this is called laryngitis and meant I was often so hoarse I had to use hand signals and sign language. Here are some important and good lessons from that:

a. Women are awesome at interpreting and reading minds. If you have to go without a voice, do so in a group of women. They will know exactly what you mean, and if not?

b. They will have pen and paper in their purse so you can write.

c. Also, women are fabulous at covering for you and keeping up a good conversation so that even if your sole contribution is impassioned nodding, you still feel like it was the best chat ever.

d. All waiters in San Francisco can read lips.

I had a ridiculously good time at BlogHer '08.

Rumors of (silent) girlie squealing and excited hugging were not at all exaggerated.

It's lucky I lack almost any social hangups or filters because that enables me to walk up to anyone (everyone) and say anything (literally).

But I'd like to remind everyone of the following cardinal rule: what happens at BlogHer stays at BlogHer.

With that, I will add in photos (I'll add links later. I'm in a rush for several reason---family in town visiting and hurricanes heading this way---and want to keep happy the kind folks who emailed me asking.)

Can you say you've met these superstars?

Oh l'amour...

P.S. Thanks to all of you for holding down the fort while I was away. Nearly 30 guest post links! That is awesome. I will have to read them all---they look great!

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Magpie said…
I love your pictures! Thanks for posting them, especially 'cause I took not one photo. Not one.

So happy to have met you.
Kyla said…
I'm going to have to steal a few of these!
Amanda said…
So sorry I never actually got to talk to you. Hope you feel better soon.
Melissa said…
Looks like you had a blast! As well as a well deserved break.

Hurricanes? Really? Crap...I was heading up there this weekend. Thanks for the heads up...
flutter said…
I wish we could have taken photos! Thank you for being my personal security. It was so nice to meet you, Julie.
Debbie said…
It was so nice to have met you! Hope you are feeling better already.
Lara said…
it was great to meet you, lovely lady. even if you were having some trouble speaking at the time. :-P
S said…
like magpie, i'm glad to see some pictures.

i brought my camera but took not one picture.
You and me in a picture, next year, okay?! Promise?
Lawyer Mama said…
Great pics!! It was soooo incredible to finally friggin meet you!

I had a great time too. Slight drama aside, it was wonderful to share ideas and talk with so many women who just get me.

And why the hell do you live so far away from me?????

Anonymous said…
Is it bad that I don't recognize any of the other bloggers? But you look great in those pictures.
ms blue said…
I wish I was there because I would have loved to have the chance to hang out with you again.
It really looks like an incredible time!
Amie Adams said…
Do you know how cool it was not to be the tallest girl in the photo??

So great meeting you in person. Wish there had been more time to really talk.
Mom O Matic said…
Julie you blew me away in person. You just radiate this calm,logical, thoughtfulness. I hope you come to Chicago before Blogher09 so we can see eachother again sooner.
Kellan said…
Hi Julie!

Great photos! I didn't take enough pictures!

It was so nice to meet you and thanks so much for your help during my Abby taping - you were so sweet to help me out. I was so pleased when I found you sitting next to me in the Sesame Street room - what a nice surprise! I'm glad you had such a good time - I did too and plan on going next year if possible.

I'll see you soon - Kellan
Her Bad Mother said…
Oh. I so wish that I hadn't been so spaced and anxious and distracted, because? You were right there and there were opportunities to talk, even if only for a few minutes, and I so would have loved that, for really.
nonlineargirl said…
It was very nice to meet you, even in your, um, voice-compromised state. Excellent picture taking too. I have about three pictures from the actual conference, and one of those is of debbie's shoe.

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