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Welcome BlogNosh Magazine visitors! Plus! A few points of interest...

Welcome visitors from BlogNosh Magazine! Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to leave your thoughts about my article here or click here to the original. I hope you have a look through my other posts or come back again. If you don't mind, leave a link to your spot and/or your email. I like to get in touch.

Many thanks to Mommytime at Mommy's Martini for her sharp editorial work. :)


Are you going to BlogHer? Just a day or so away! If you are going to be there Thursday afternoon, some of us are going to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA and then on to Bicuits & Blues on Geary for dinner and music. Don't worry---we'll make it back in time for the People's Party! We do have to make reservations in advance for the exhibit and dinner, so contact me at j pippert at g mail dot com if you are interested.


Tell me something good...

I was inspired by Chaka Khan and a busy schedule this week. So this Wednesday and next Wednesday...we're doing light fare for Hump Day.

Tomorrow I'll put up and leave up a post with Mr. Linky.

Come add in your link, other links, any link to Awesome Posts. Good fare, good topics, good news. You can do more than one, in fact, I encourage you to. Let people know if you've linked them here.

Use a short description, such as, "Melissa's fab post re those veggie saving bags," in the name line. This will let people know the topic.

You won't get bumped by a feed reader to come, so remember to check back to see what people add.



Music Suggestions:

These are three very different artists with very distinct and fresh (and different) styles. But I think you'll see the thread that binds my mutual appreciation of them all.

Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Lionel Neykov

Ceu LOVE LOVE LOVE CeU (Brasilian of course)

Lex Land

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AnnetteK said…
I don't know why I've never read you before, but you can bet I will now! That was an excellent piece on blog nosh!

I stumbled it and now I'm adding you to my reader.
Susanne said…
So I guess you have a thing for swing. Thank you for reminding me how much I miss Brazilian music. (And I never heard of any of the artists you mention here. Oops.

And also I have become even more weird than before. I was so excited that I could actually almost make out the chords Lionel whatever is playing that it took me a while until I listened to the music. I was all "What chord is that? I don't know that one."
Anonymous said…
Oh - I left you a comment on your last post (this one wasn't up yet). Just in case you didn't see it:

This is an excellent illustration of how women devalue themselves in the workplace. At my old office, a friend and I would always remark upon how the women were criticized for not being team players if they didn't drop everything "to pitch in" on a group project - yet the men only got half as many snide comments. When a woman would get a promotion or have the opportunity to go on a business trip to Paris - people would sing the "must be nice" song and imply that it wasn't deserved. But there wasn't much grumbling about a man's office perks. And most of the negative gossiping was coming from the WOMEN! What is wrong with us? Why do we perpetuate attitudes and behaviors that ultimately create such a disadvantage for us in the long run?

I'd have to say that I'm fairly passive when it comes to the soapbox feminist rants, and I'm far from a serious career woman - but the idea that a babysitter (which was once me) would feel uncomfortable stating her worth just shows where it all starts. I guarantee that if young boys did more babysitting, everyone would know the going rate and no one would be afraid to request a well deserved raise.

Look forward to reading more of your blog!
flutter said…
I so wish I could go see Frida with all of you!
Melissa said…
Off to read your other post...

But I hadn't realized that my banana post had made such an impression. I'm humbled. :)

Have fun at blogher! Am jealous!
Lara said…
i said it there, but i just wanted to say here also that your blognosh post was awesome. thanks so much for sharing! :)

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