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What to read for the next week...the one about the Best Blog Posts

Hi friends...I'm traveling for a bit so won't be doing my usual lengthy ruminations about the pursuit of a well-lived life.

So I wanted to use this space to promote other blogs and posts. Add yourself, your friend, a recent or an old post...any post you think other people should read.

Make sure in the text you put a brief description and make sure your link goes to the specific post. Add yourself as the person who made the suggestion and why you're suggesting in the comments, if you want (so everyone make sure to check comments).

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!

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Liv said…
don't read me! i mean, srsly, i'll be making JP do bad things out in CA for DAYS. and then i'll write about it later.

Julie Pippert said…
SHHHHH you swore not to use the camera phone at karaoke!
thailandchani said…
Charles Eisenstein (the guy I've been raving about for the past few months) started a blog. I recommend it for some good, thoughtful posting.


Hope you have a good time at your conference.
Anonymous said…
I am supposed to be staying away from the internet today....but I was going to do this earlier in the morning when I saw it and forgot. I'm recommending The Gift. I like the idea of it - the blogger made a promise to herself to write EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR. Some posts are great and others are just the best she could do after a long day of work and taking care of kids. I just think it will be interesting to see how her writing develops over the year. Then I added myself for good measure (why not! I'm not going to Blogher!)
Florinda said…
In the "hump day" spirit, I threw in my "unauthorized Hump Day Hmm" from a few weeks ago. I hope the self-promotion is OK :-). (And I'm not going to BlogHer either, so this is my chance!)
Anonymous said…
Took a peek at my Feedjit and picked the most recent interesting post (as determined by traffic). Enjoy!
Julie Pippert said…
Hey hey now no hating it up on Harvard, especially from any MIT angles. Harvard is da bomb. A person who applies herself can learn more there in one class in one semester than nearly anywhere else, including in life. :)

I actually remember that article, Angela---great pick!!
Julie Pippert said…
Kate, very cool!

Florinda, dude, the point is to promote!!! So glad you added that in!
Anonymous said…
I fed Mr. Linky a couple of times. The first is a humorous and slightly snarky take on some of the victims of the collateral damage inflicted during the Global War on Terror, and the other a slightly more serious look at the "rest of the story" (again, focused on victims of collateral damage) regarding the recent article in the Chron about local government overtime spending.

Saw a photo of you at BlogHer! You looked like you were having blast!

Next year, year fa shure!
MommyTime said…
I hope you had a wonderful time at BlogHer. I just wanted to tell you that I think your post on Blog Nosh got more comments than any other post we've ever put up. And such comments! Full of detail and thoughtfulness and conversation with each other. It takes a really wonderful writer to pull that out of readers. Very nicely done! was me.

I thought I posted a comment, but I see the Internets ate it.

I was looking at the photos of you on Deb's blog, and you look great! Dang! Did you have just the best time ever? I am so going next year, if I have to save nickels all year!

BlogHer Update! I wants!
Wait! Holy smokes...what is going on with my computer. I DID leave a comment. I seriously need to get more sleep.
Anonymous said…
I am late on this. We were on vacation, not at Blogher! Anyway, I posted one of my very first posts on my blog b/c I am considering expanding this for submission. Would love some critique on it:).

Oh, and loved your pictures from BLOGHER. Jealous!!

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